The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
McDonough, James, 108 nnorth Fifth
McDonough, James, laborer , 125 Green
McDougal, John, bricklayer , corcorner Twelfth and Green
McDougal, James H., corcorner Broadway and Hempstead
McDowell, Joseph N., Professor M. D. , corcorner Eighth and Gratiot
McDowell, James, M. D. , 146 nnorth Fourth
McDowell, John B., M. D. , 73 nnorth Fifth
McDowell, James, M. D. , 81 Washington avenue
McDowell, David, carpenter , corcorner Fifteenth and Clarke avenue
McDowell, William, carpenter , 161ssouth Fifth
McDowell J. & W. , dry goods and groceries, 8ssouth First
McDowell John [J. & W. McD.] Walnut , b Sixth and Seventh
McDowell, William, [J. & W. McD.] 8ssouth First
McElroy & Co.Company , millers, Page’s mill, corner Elm and Front
McElroy, William, [McE. & Co.] n Fourth
McElroy, John, ice dealer , Carondelet, nnorth of Soulard
McEnnis, Michael, clerk , 58 nnorth Front, resresidence 271 nnorth Eighth
McEnnis, John, sexton , Catholic grave yard, 271 nnorth Eighth
McEvoy, John, stone and marble dresser , St. Charles Hotel,
corcorner Eleventh and Christy avavenue
McEvoy, Thomas, 225 Green
McFadin & Co.Company , commission merchants, 49 nnorth Front
McFadin, John, bricklayer , Ninth near O’Fallon
McFadin, Henry, stonemason , 116 Wash
McFadin, Patrick, laborer , Morgan wwest Fourteenth
McFarland, Charles, clerk , 137 nnorth First
McFarland, Mrs. E., widow, First near Florida
McFarland, James, carpenter , Locust b Seventh and Eighth
McFarland, Thomas, engineer , Morgan wwest of Fifthteenth
McFarland, Alexander, trader , Orchard near Beckwith
McFau, Aneas, packer , corcorner Fourteenth and Wash
McFeeley, Richard, carpenter , corcorner Sixth and O’Fallon
McGahan, John, riverman , 161 Wash
McGeary, Patrick, laborer , 224 nnorth Eleventh
McGee, James, 263 nnorth Seventh
McGee, Alexander H., vegetable store , Commercial
McGee, John, pedlar , 269 nnorth Eleventh
McGee, Stafford, Biddle near Sixteenth
McGinnis, James C, pilot , 278 Morgan
McGinnis, William, laborer , Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
McGinnis, Patrick, laborer , Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
McGinnis, John, laborer , Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
McGhee, Margaret, dress maker , 26ssouth Fifth
McGinley, William, baker , corcorner Eleventh and Franklin avavenue
McGinley, J. S., baker , corcorner Eleventh and Franklin avavenue
McGintie, E., M. D. , 73 Pine
McGinty, Patrick, carpenter , Fifth near Florida