The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
McGivney, Peter, livery stable , 36 Franklin avavenue
McGoey, Patrick, teamster , Chesnut wwest of Fourteenth
McGough, James, teamster , Morgan wwest of Ninth
McGough, James, riverman , corcorner Walnut and Ninth
McGoven, Mrs. Anne, widow. 203 nnorth Ninth
McGowan, Robert, painter , 284 nnorth Seventh
McGrade T. & J. , wholesale dry goods, 52 Market
McGrade, James, (T. & J. McG.) Scott’s Hotel
McGran, Edward, laborer , Seventh betbetween Gratiot and Chouteau avavenue
McGrath, Lewis, laborer , 199 Green
McGrath, James, 143 nnorth Ninth
McGrath, John, clock pedlar , 156 nnorth Eighth
McGroarty, James, drayman , alley on Washbetbetween Seventh and
McGuire, Thomas, lime burner , corcorner Morgan and Eighteenth
McGuire, Patrick, laborer , 69 Morgan
McGunnegle, George K., President of St. Louis Insurance Co.Company ,
Chesnut wwest of Sixth
McHose & Co.Company , St. Louis Brewery, 308ssouth Second
McHose, Isaac, (McH. & Co.) 308ssouth Second
McIwrick, John, sack and tarpaulin maker , 127 nnorth Fifth
McIntire, John, 48 Olive
McIntire, Francis, shoe maker , Tenth near Florida
McIntosh, William, laborer , Jefferson near Broadway
McJilton, James T., plasterer , Centressouth of Market
McKeage, Marshall, M. D. , 98 Washington avavenue
McKean, Andrew, 135 nnorth Fifth
McKee, Hiram, hatter , 44 nnorth First, 52ssouth Seventh
McKee, Margaret Mrs., Collins near Cherry
McKee, Joseph, Barry betbetween Seventh and Carondelet avavenue
McKee & Co.Company , “Democratic Flae,” 87 nnorth Second
McKee, William, [McK. & Co.] 87 nnorth Second
McKeeHenry, Jr., clerk , post office
McKee, John, book binder , 16 Chestnut
McKee, Isaac H., pilot , corcorner Tenth and Mound
McKee, Henry, collector of Sixth Ward , corcorner First and Mound
McKee, James, clerk , resresidence 18 Collins
McKee, William R., student , resresidence 18 Collins
McKeever, Barney, 206 nnorth Sixth
McKellopps, Henry J. B., dentist , corcorner Fourth and Market
McKenney, John, bricklayer , Eighth near O’Fallon
McKensie, George, drayman , corcorner Eighth and O’Fallon
McKenzie R. & Co. , commission merchants, 18 nnorth First
McKenzie, Kenneth, [McK. & Co.] 19ssouth Fifth
McKenzie, Archibald, alley betbetween Ninth and Tenth, Franklin av
McKeown, Patrick, 184 Morgan
McKie, Robert, malster , resresidence First near Almond