The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Miller, George, Lafayette betbetween Decatur and Church
Miller, William, milkman , alley betbetween Soulard and Hamtramck
Miller, John, milkman , corcorner Soulard and Hamtramck
Miller, Peter, plasterer , Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Miller, Samuel B., s b captain , 182 nnorth Ninth
Miller, Henry, cooper , Eleventh betbetween Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Miller, John, cabinet maker , corcorner Thirteenth and Franklin avavenue
Miller, John, tailor , 2 Gay
Miller, Charles, engineer , corcorner Gay and Fourteenth
Miller, Jacob, 344 Morgan
Miller, Louis, tailor , 245 nnorth Seventh
Miller, George, fisherman , 17 Lombard
Miller, William A., 160 nnorth Sixth
Miller, Anthony, teamster , Victory eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Miller, John, barber , 258ssouth Second
Milligan, Edward, stone mason , alley on Washbetbetween Fifth and
Milligan, Edward, clerk at Post Office , 123ssouth Fifth
Million, Daniel, M. D. Morgan near Broadway
Mills, Robert, drayman , corcorner Howard and Ninth
Mills, Adam L., 145 Market
Mills, James, riverman , 45 nnorth Seventh
Mills, Leverett, artificial flower maker , 122 Market
Mills, William, cooper , 229 nnorth Seventh
Mills, Abraham, 112 nnorth Tenth
Miltenberger, Eugene, [B. & M.] Myrtle near Second
Miltenberger, Anthony, Walnut betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Miltendorf, Barnard, cooper , 54 Morgan, resresidence Morgan betbetween Sixth
and Seventh
Milton, Charles, tinner , Collins near Bates
Mina, Peter, riverman , 245 Morgan
Minard, Mary, widow, Fifth near Wash
Mindorf, Anson, shoemaker , 222 Franklin avavenue
Mink, Antoine, teamster , 46 Carondelet avavenue
Mink, Adam, bricklayer , Soulard eeast of Jackson
Mink, William, milkman , DeKalb near Lesperance
Mink, William, ship carpenter , Sixteenth near Biddle
Minka, Casper, carpenter , Decatur near Lafayette
Minker, George, blacksmith , Eighth nnorth of Wash
Minkhoff & Co.Company , grocers, 88ssouth First
Minkhoff, August, [M. & Co.] 88ssouth First
Minor, Francis, attorney , 13 Chesnut, resresidence 386 Morgan
Minor, Andrew J., clerk , Broadway near Columbia
Minott George H. & Co. , slate yard, 15 and 17ssouth Sixth
Mire, Michael, laborer , Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Mirrell, Joseph P., cabinet maker , alley on Market, wwest of 16th
Misel, Henry, at city water works , resresidence Lewis near shot tower