The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Morrison & Boswell , lumber merchants, 40 Walnut
Morrison, William, [M. & B.] Morrison avavenue near Morton
Morrison, John, 101 Green
Morrison, Samuel, drayman , 103 Carr
Morrison, Mott, s b captain , Hickory betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Morrison, Thomas, carpenter , Spruce near Fourteenth
Morrison, John, drayman , 6 Gay
Morrow & Barton , tin store, 38ssouth First
Morrow, James, [M. & B.] 38ssouth First
Morrow, Thomas, tinner , Stoddard avavenue betbetween Chouteau avavenue and Hickory
Morrow, D. I., lottery brokers , 17 Olive
Morrow, R. I., lottery brokers , 17 Olive
Morse, James, liquor merchant , 4 nnorth Second
Morse, Robert G., carpenter , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Morse, Charles P., provision dealer , Sixteenthssouth of Market
Mortey, John, tailor , s Fifth
Mortimore, David, 24 Collins
Morton, George, 140 Spruce
Morton, Peter G., 140 Spruce
Morton, John, engineer , 65 Morgan
Mory, P. O., sash and blind manufacturer , Commercial alley
Mosback, A., family grocery , corcorner Second and Locust
Mosberger, Frederick, clerk , 89 Chesnut, resresidence corcorner Church and
Moses, Samuel Gratz, M. D. , 65 nnorth Fifth
Moses, George B., moulder , corcorner Third and Poplar
Moses, Abraham, clothier , 43½ nnorth Front
Moshell, Louis, Gen.General Taylor Tavern , 73 nnorth Front
Mosley, Benjamin, barber , Broadway near Columbia
Mosier, Henry, bricklayers , 140 Myrtle
Mosier, William, bricklayers , 140 Myrtle
Mosier, George, [C. & M.] corcorner Ninth and Walnut
Mosler, Charles F., cigar maker , 100 nnorth Third
Motsloff, John, Cerré betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Motz, Henry, carriage maker , Washington avavenue wwest of Fifteenth
Motz, Henry, Christy avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Moummi, Jacob, tailor , Wood betbetween Short and Second
Mound, Francis, plasterer , Market near Sixteenth
Mount, John D., Court Exchange , oppopposite Court House
Mount, Jonathan, laborer , Eighth near Mullanphy
Mowry, Christopher B., painter , Centressouth of Market
Moin, A. M., 184 Broadway
Moyes, John, tavern , 161 nnorth Third
Mack, Henry, blacksmith , 25 Cherry
Mudge, Anne A., boarding house , 141 and 143 Market
Mudge, Daniel, merchant , corcorner Fifth and Biddle
Mudge, D. C., clerk , 154 nnorth Third