The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Mudget, John, clerk , 14 nnorth First
Muegge, Charles, oil cloth manufacturer , 10ssouth Second
Mueller, Jacob, shoemaker , Cerré betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Muhlenbrook, Frederick H., Broadway Exchange
Muhn, Justus, cabinet maker , 215 nnorth Twelfth
Mullanphy, Bryan, office corcorner Fifth and Chesnut, resresidence 151 nnorth Third
Mulerney, Mark, porter , 22 Front
Mulford & Ricords , undertakers, 5 nnorth Second
Mulford, John P., [M. & R.] 81 Myrtle
Mulford, Powell, ship carpenter , 110ssouth Fourth
Mulhern, Justin, dry goods and lace store , 87 nnorth Fourth
Mull, Philip, Foundry House , 232 nnorth First
Mulland, James, clerk , 92 Chesnut
Mullen, Thomas, engineer , 74 Collins
Mullen, Samuel, tobacconist , Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Mullen, T., tobacco commission merchant , 21 Washington avavenue
Muller, Tnomas W., livery stable , s Fourth
Muller, Charles, saddler , 57ssouth Second
Muller, Christian, beer house , 175 nnorth Fourth
Muller, George, tailor , 35 nnorth Second
Mullery, John, farrier , alley on Chesnut betbetween Third and Fourth
Mullgerugh, Rodolph, tailor , 172ssouth Fourth
Mulligan, Joseph, ship carpenter , corcorner Seventh and Biddle
Mulligan, Edward, riverman , 150 Franklin avavenue
Mulligan, John, tin and coppersmith , 29 nnorth First
Mullikin, Charles, Fifthssouth of Myrtle
Mullikin, Jerome B., (C. & M.) corcorner Market and Fifth
Mullin, James, moulder , Empire Stove Works
Mulrey, Peter, drayman , Morgan wwest of Seventeenth
Multer, Theodore, intelligence office , 168 nnorth Eighth
Multer, George, laborer , corcorner Jackson and Lafayette
Mun, James, boarding house , corcorner Labeaume and Ninth
Munch, Edward, grocer , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Geyer
Mundy, Ezra, teacher , 196 Pine
Mundy, John, moulder , near corcorner Fourth and Poplar
Munroe, George, cooper , corcorner Florida and Lewis
Munson, Albert, clerk , 131 nnorth First
Munsa, W. H., barber , basement of Scott’s Hotel
Murdoch, Alexander, plough maker , 234 nnorth Second
Murdoch & Dickson , auctioneers, 55 nnorth First
Murdoch, John J., [M. & D.] 55 nnorth First
Murdoch, George, finisher , Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Mure, Frederick, tailor , alley betbetween Third and Fifth,ssouth of Convent
Murn, Felix, laborer , 214 nnorth Eighth
Murphy, James, grocer , 205 Broadway
Murphy, Daniel, Washington avavenue betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Murphy, Roseni, beer house , 218 nnorth Second