The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Murphy, John, teamster , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Murphy, John, laborer , Second near Mound
Murphy, John J., clerk , 146 nnorth Third
Murphy, Dennis, tavern , 96 nnorth Front
Murphy, John, engineer , Brooklyn near Ninth
Murphy, Stephen, laborer , corcorner Mound and Ninth
Murphy, Owen, tavern , 87 nnorth Front
Murphy, Daniel, city weigher , 7 Olive
Murphy, Daniel T., clerk , 94 nnorth First
Murphy, Nicholas, 43 St. Charles
Murphy, James, stone mason , Seventhssouth of Gratiot
Murphy, Patrick, laborer , Centressouth of Market
Murphy, Thomas, grocer , 270 Market
Murphy, Thomas, laborer , Ninthssouth of Market
Murphy, Dennis, pedlar , Ninthssouth of Market
Murphy, Thornton D., corcorner Fifth and Myrtle
Murphy, Nicholas, laborer , 199 nnorth Sixth
Murphy, John, 257 nnorth Seventh
Murphy, J., blacksmith and wagon maker , 179 nnorth Ninth
Murphy, Thomas, riverman , 227 nnorth Eighth
Murphy, German, drayman , 144ssouth First
Murpo, Alexander, 129 nnorth Seventh
Murray, Andrew, (G. & M.) cigar makers, Pine wwest of Thirteenth
Murray, Joseph, painter , 170ssouth Third
Murray, G. B., lottery broker , 77 Chesnut
Murrin, Edward, tavern , 14 Morgan
Murrin, James, grocer , First near Howard
Musick, James C., surveyor , 237 nnorth Fifth
Musick, David L., deputy Marshal , 10ssouth Fourth
Muslar, Henry, laborer , Seventh betbetween Carr and Biddle
Musbach, Leonard, tailor , 172ssouth Fourth
Muszman, Dedrisk, alley nnorth of Soulard eeast of Hamtramck
Myers, Eli, wagon yard , 218 Broadway
Myers, Philip, laborer , 118 Almond
Myers, Herman, drayman , 179ssouth Fifth
Myers, George P., laborer , 95 Mulberry, up stairs
Myers, Edmond, laborer , 58 nnorth Sixth
Myers, George, Pekin Tea Warehouse , 32 Vine
Myers, John, pattern maker , 180 nnorth Eighth
Myers, Mary Mrs., widow, 267 nnorth Eighth
Naaman, Joseph, Park avavenue betbetween Buel and Menard
Nable, Philip, beer house , junction of Second and Wood
Naber, Bernard, laborer , Second near Benton
Nabers, T., tailor , 26 Franklin avavenue
Nabers, Henry, 261 Carondelet avavenue
Nacht, Anne C, widow, n of St. Vincent’s Church