The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Berry, Louden, steamboat steward , resresidence Austin, near Fourteenth
Berryman, Arthur, cabinet maker , corcorner Ninth and Benton
Bersch, Jacob, wagon maker , Thirteenth, betbetween Franklin avavenue and
Bersch, William, clerk , 154 nnorth Third, resresidence corcorner Park avavenue and I3th
Berthel, Charles, wagon maker , 326ssouth Second
Berthold, Madame, resresidence corner of Fifth and Pine
Berthold, Ewing & Co.Company , grocers and com merchts, 28 nnorth Front
Berthold, P A., [B., E Co.] resresidence Olive betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Berthold, Amede, [B., E. & Co.] resresidence corner of Fifth aud Pine
Berthold, Frederick, [B. E. & Co.,] resresidence corcorner Olive and 6th
Berthoud, Nicholas, [B & Son] resresidence 64ssouth Third
Berthoud & Son , commission merchants, 148 nnorth 2d, up stairs
Berthoud, Michael, [B. & S.] resresidence 64ssouth Third
Berthoud, Augustus N., [B. & S.[ resresidence 23 Walnut
Bertran, F., [H. & B.] resresidence corcorner of Convent and Second
Bertran, Henry, saddler , Lafayette betbetween Decatur and Church
Bertrand, John, tailor , 23 Walnut
Bertz, John, laborer , resresidence Thirteenth betbetween Franklin avavenue and
Berway, Mary A., widow, resresidence 7th betbetween Labadie and Hickory
Besser, John, distiller , Rosatti betbetween Lafayette and Soulard
Bethe, William, cooper , 15ssouth Front
Betten, Charlotte, resresidence 227 nnorth Eighth
Betts, George H., boot and shoe store , 113 nnorth First
Betts, William B., clerk , 52 and 54 Pine
Betts, John, upholsterer , 47 Locust, resresidence 374 Morgan
Bettward, John, tailor , 8 Green
Betz, Sebastian, laborer , Tenth betbetween Lafayette and Soulard
Bevenu, Anthony, teamster , resresidence Spruce near Sixth
Bew, W. T., commercial tailor , 60 Chesnut
Bewer, Joseph, laborer , Rosatti. betbetween Lafayette and Soulard
B’fifnur, Joseph, resresidence 97 Elm
Bicbusch, Frederick, [P. & Co.] resresidence 240 Franklin avavenue
Bickelhaupt, George, confectioner , Franklin avavenue betbetween 4th and 5th
Bidlingmaier, George, wheelrights , 66 Plum
Bidlingmaier, Leonard, wheelrights , 66 Plum
Bidner, George, tailor , near the end of Jackson
Bidwell, Henry, tinner , 19ssouth First, resresidence 102 Elm
Biekler, Ursula, midwife, resresidence 214 nnorth Fifth
Bielefeld, Henry, grocer , 92ssouth Fourth
Biens, Frederick, musician , n Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Bier, Joseph, cabinet maker , Walnut opposite the Cathedral
Biere, Henry, cabinet maker , corcorner Ninth and Cerré
Bierworth, Charles, cabinet maker , 76ssouth Third
Bigelow, Jotham, carpenter , corcorner Sixth and Elm
Bigelow, R. H., clerks , 131 and 133 nnorth First
Bigelow, A. N., clerks , 131 and 133 nnorth First