The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
O’Brian, Owen, laborer , Washbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
O’Brian, Matthew, 192 nnorth Sixth
O’Brian, James, St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
O’Bryan, John, 135 nnorth Ninth
O’Bryan, James, tavern , 89 nnorth Front
O’Bryan, Michael, quarryman , corcorner Florida and Lewis
O’Conn, Owen, barkeeper , n Second
O’Connell, Dennis, porter , 99 Market
O’Connell, Samuel, 265 Green
O’Connell, William, 256 Washington avavenue
O’Connor, James, boot maker , 76 Chesnut
O’Donnel, James, drayman , 167 nnorth Twelfth
O’Fallon, John, 121 Locust
O’Flaherty, Thomas, [McA. & Co.] 234 nnorth Seventh
O’Hara, James, s b captain , 257 Green
O’Hara, James, blacksmith , 190 Green
O’Hara, John, Washington avavenue betbetween Seventeenth and Eighteenth
O’Hara, Marquis, brass founder , 144 nnorth Second
O’Hay, John, grocer , Rutger betbetween Eighth and Ninth
O’Keefe, Jeremiah, painter , corcorner Eighth and Wash
O’Keefe, John, painter , 55 Olive
O’Keefe, John, miller , 247 nnorth Eleventh
O’Keefe, Thomas, shoemaker , 118 nnorth Second
O’Keefe, James, stone mason , 57 Green
O’Kel, Conrad, butcher , 176ssouth Second
O’Kief, Michael, drayman , 324 nnorth Eighth
O’Lohlen, D., M. D. , 70 nnorth Second
O’Neil, Michael, laborer , 103 nnorth Tenth
O’Neil, Joseph, 126 Green
O’Neil, Thomas, laborer , 250 nnorth Seventh
O’Neil, Charles, laborer , 167 Green
O’Neil, John, family grocer , 122 nnorth Sixth
O’Neilly, Edmund, soda factory , Barry betbetween Second and Seventh
O’Rourke, M. A., dry goods and groceries , 8ssouth Front
Oaters, Francis F., shoemaker , First near O’Fallon
Oatzel, Elias, riverman , 278 nnorth Eleventh
Obermeyer, William, carpenter , 228 nnorth Eleventh
Obert, Franc s, grocer , corcorner Walnut and Second
Obuchon, Edward, 203ssouth Second
Obuchon, Charles, 203ssouth Second
Obuchon, Joseph, 203ssouth Second
Ochiltree, G. M., St. Charles betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Ochiltree, James, St. Charles betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Odel, Alfred, pilot , Buel betbetween Carrol and Marion
Odendahl, Frederick, beer house , ne cor Thirteenth and Franklin
Odenwelder, John, blacksmith , Seventh betbetween Hickory aad Rutger