The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Ost, Nicholas, watchman , car Carondelet avavenue and Fafayette
Ostendorf, Francis, cap maker , 139 Washington avavenue
Osterman, Henry, laborer , First, near Howard
Ostrander, John E., daguerreotypist , 103 nnorth Fourth
Otenwelder, Martin, livery stable , 183ssouth First
Other, Frederick, laborer , Columbia, near Carroll
Ott, George, butcher , Short between Jackson and Wood
Ott, Christian, grocer , 91ssouth Second
Ottinger, William, hat manufacturer , 134 nnorth Second
Otti, Henry, tailor , Fulton betbetween Marion and Barry
Otting, Tobias, cigar maker , Carondelet avavenue betbetween Emmet and La-
Ottket, Fritz, laborer , 27 Spruce
Otto, Henry, boatman , 190ssouth Third
Otto, Christopher, laborer , Decatur betbetween Lafayette and Guyer
Otto, Anthony, laborer , Eleventh betbetween Soulard and Lafayette
Otto, A. H., blacksmith , corcorner Sixth and Franklin avavenue
Otto, Henry, cigar maker , Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Oupre, E., clerk , 4 west of Commercial
Outley, Lorenz, s b steward , Lewis near First
Overfelt, Mrs. Sarah, widow, Gratiot , w of Ninth
Overs, Stephen, blacksmith , corcorner Broadway and Columbia
Overstal Henry & Co.Company , grocers, corcorner Broadway and Montgomery
Overstal, Francis[H. O. & Co.] Broadway and Montgomery
Overstolz, Ferdinand, dry goods and groceries , corcorner Fourteenth
and Market
Overton, Reuben B., (O., C. & Co.) St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Overton, James W., St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Overton, D. H., St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Overwillmann, William, laborer , 7 Gay
Oves, J. M., clerk , corcorner Broadway and Franklin avavenue
Owen, Austin, tin and sheet iron worker , 37 Vine
Owen, Richard, wig maker , 65 nnorth Fourth
Owen, Richard, watchmaker , 175ssouth Fifth
Owens, Robert, miller , Second near O’Fallon
Owens, William F., clerk , 178 and 180 nnorth Third
Owens, Thomas, Papin House, 46 nnorth First
Owens, James, porter , 30 Front
Owens, Esrom, coroner , 39 Washington avavenue , resresidence corcorner Morgan and
Owens, Michael, laborer , 85ssouth Seventh
Owens, Elijah, coppersmith , 174 Walnut
Owens, John, engineer , 42 Gay
Owings, Samuel, boarding house , 142 Morgan
Owings, Joshua W., general collector , 176 Market
Owings, John F., porter , 219 nnorth Sixth
Pachell, William J., moulder , corcorner Seventh and Biddle