The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Parker, Richard, carpenter , Seventh betbetween Park avavenue and Barry
Parker, John E., attorney , 62 Chesnut
Parker, Henry S., (G. & P.) Second betbetween Bates and O’Fallon
Parker, William, 83 nnorth Sixth
Parker, C. W., clerk , 269 Broadway
Parker, Moses, drayman , 43 Collins
Parker, James, plasterer , Seventh betbetween Soulard and Lafayette
Parkinson, William, Fulton Brewery
Parks, Robert M., lumber merchant , Hickory betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Parks, David, painter , 94 Olive, resresidence Morgan wwest of Fourteenth
Parks, J. C, clerk , Virginia Hotel
Parmelee, Thomas, ship carpenter , Florida near Second
Parmentier, Marié, widow, 30 Elm
Parquet, Mrs., boarding house , 126 nnorth Fourth
Parr, Prudence, widow, 230 nnorth First
Parrot, Louis J., 36 nnorth Second
Parry, Holland, bricklayer , 36 Franklin avavenue
Parry, John, bricklayer , Pine betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Parris, Simon, Rector of the Cathedral , corcorner Third and Walnut
Parsbuck, John, corcorner Columbus and DeKalb
Parshall, Isabella, dressmaker , 109 Market
Parsons, L., Virginia Hotel
Parsons, George, (D. & Co.) Walton House
Partridge, George, commission merchant , 81 nnorth Front
Paschall, Nathaniel, editor of Republican , Pine betbetween Seventh
and Eighth
Pascoe, Joseph A., ship carpenter , Biddle near Sixteenth
Passmore, James, 225 Green
Passmore, Elizabeth, tailoress , 67 Cherry, up stairs
Patch, William Y., commission merchant , 4 Washington avavenue
Patch, Christopher, laborer , corcorner Buel and Emmet
Patchin, Paul, 158 nnorth Sixth
Patchin & Bro. , grocers, 230 Broadway
Patchin, L. William, [P. & B.] Fourth nnorth of Morgan
Patchin, B., (P. & B.) Fourth nnorth of Morgan
Patrick, Mrs. Mary, bakery , 128 nnorth Sixth
Patrick, William, lumber yard , corcorner First and Carr
Patten, Nicholas, carpenter , Franklin avavenue wwest of Fifteenth
Patten, Milton H., ladies’ seminary , corcorner Tenth and Olive
Patterson, Joseph, M. D. , 126 nnorth Sixth
Patterson & Dorsheimer , saddlers, 4½ nnorth First
Patterson, Alexander, (P. & D.) 4½ nnorth First
Patterson, Charles, sawyer , Broadway near Bachelors’ Grove
Patterson, John, carpenter , Warren near Broadway
Patterson, Lewis, painter , Ninth near Mullanphy
Patterson, James, (C. & Co.) corcorner Brooklyn and Tenth
Patterson, Henry L., 129 Chesnut