The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Peirre, John B., skin dresser , 5 Spruce
Peit, John, Sixthssouth of Rutgers
Pellizarro, Peter, street inspector , 237 nnorth Thirteenth
Pelloux, James, druggist , 41 Market, resresidence 16ssouth Sixth
Pelo, Henry, sawyer , Broadway near Chambers
Peltay, Jerome, grocer , 64 Cedar
Pembridge, Mary, grocery store , corcorner First and Florida
Pembridge, David, grocery store , corcorner First and Florida
Pendzinski, M., trunk maker , 13 nnorth Second
Penington, E. B., clerk , 57 nnorth Front
Penn, Worden P., (P. & Co.) Spruce betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Penn, George, M. D. , ass’t. treasurer U. S.United States , office 149 nnorth Fourth
Penn, Miranda, widow, 143 Spruce
Penner, Charles, clerk , 91ssouth Second
Pennington, William A., clerk in circuit court , 93 nnorth Fourth
Penrod, Jonathan, pilot , 168 nnorth Sixth
Peoples, George W., cartman , Ninth near O’Fallon
Pepear, Christopher, locksmith , Seventh near Biddle
Perkins, Luther, ship carpenter , Mound near Ninth
Perkins, John, teamster , alley on Tenth b Market and Clark avavenue
Perkins, D. C, measure maker , corcorner Papin and Sixth
Perkins, Enoch P., wall colorer , 119 nnorth Fifth
Perrin, Charles, clerk , 242 nnorth Fifth
Perry, L. P., (P. & M.) 13 Collins
Perry & Morgan , M. D’s., office 68 Vine
Perry, R. P., hardware store , 86 nnorth First, resresidence 134 nnorth Fourth
Perry, Robert, tailor , 29 Olive, resresidence 106 nnorth Second
Perry, William, carpenter , 273 nnorth Eleventh
Perry, John, merchant tailor , 63 Franklin avavenue
Perry, John, Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Perry, T. H., professor, seminary corcorner Washington avavenue and Fifth
Perry, Restsome, potter , 124 nnorth Fourth
Perry, John, tailor , 9 Morgan
Perry, Edward, drayman , 100ssouth Third
Perschbacher, Frederick, [H. & P.] 166 nnorth Eighth
Pervilt, Daniel, tavern keeper , 204ssouth Second
PetersRalph, jr., [H. G. & Co.] Walnut betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Peters, Jacob, baker , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Sydney
Peters, Henry, drayman , 252 nnorth Sixth
Peters, Louis, fur dealer , 79ssouth Seventh
Peters, John T., saddler , 88 nnorth Third
Peters, Rodolph, teamster , Fifteenth nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Peters, J. W., plasterer and builder , Mullanphy near Second
Peters, J. P., [H. & P.] 29 Vine
Peters, Francis, 145 nnorth Third
PetersonAlexander, jr., Fifthssouth of Chesnut
Peterson, Adam, Eighteenth near Carr