The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Pierson, German, drayman , Mound near Eighth
Pifer, Michael, clerk , York House, corcorner Second and Green
Piggot, Austin, 82 nnorth Fifth
Pigot, John T., clerk , 8 nnorth First
Pike, Edward C., book keeper , 156 nnorth First
Pilkington, Samuel B., Phœnix Mill, nnorth of Barry wwest of Sev-
Pilkington, Henry, Phœnix Mill, nnorth of Barru wwest of Sev-
Pille, Henry, beer house , 235ssouth Market
Pilmire, John, 75ssouth Second
Pincock, John, riverman , 129 nnorth Fifth
Pindergast, Patrick, laborer , 203 nnorth Sixth
Pinger, Kerby, carpenter , Seventh betbetween Carroll and Marion
Pinkham, George, carpenter , Gay wwest of Fourteenth
Piper, H. H., clerk , 146 Morgan
Piper, H., 140 nnorth Fifth
Piper, Stephen, shoemaker , Decatur near Carrol
Piper, Engelbert, tailor , Park avavenue betbetween Buel and Menard
Pischet, Henry, porter , 156 nnorth First
Pitcher, Henry, carpenter , Seventh betbetween Spruce and Myrtle
Pitcher, John, bricklayer , 170ssouth Fifth
Pitcher, Henry, carpenter , Seventh betbetween Gratiot and Chouteau avavenue
Pittman & Co.Company , wh. grocers and com. merch’s., 150 nnorth Second
Pittman, E. F., [P. & Co.] City Hotel
Pittman, W. H., [P. & Co.] Virginia Hotel
Pitts, Thomas, printer , 55 Olive
Plager, Henry, laborer , Spruce near Twelfth
Plahto, Henry, clothing store , 68 nnorth First
Plant, George P., flour mill , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Plant & Bros. , seed store, 193 nnorth Fourth
Plant, William M., (P. & Bros.) 12 nnorth Fifth
Plant, Frederick W., (P. & Bros.) corcorner Tenth and Wash
Plaser, Christian, saddler , Wood betbetween Second and river
Plastmeyer, John, laborer , 282 nnorth Eleventh
Platt, Anthony, moulder , Swan Tavern,ssouth First
Platt, Henry S., druggist , corcorner Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Plattau, Charles, clerk , 327ssouth Third
Platte, John M., (S., P. & Co.) Olive wwest of Twelfth
Platze, Godfrey, carpenter , 65 Spruce
Plieuger, Henry, shoemaker , Mullanphy near First
Plopert, Andrew, tailor , 257ssouth Market
Ploss, Frederick W., 349ssouth Fifth
Plummer, A. H., grocery , corcorner First and Florida
Plunhoff, Frederick, laborer , Victory eeast of Carondelet avavenue
Poalaon, Frederick F., merchant , corcorner Labadie and Fifth
Pocket, Francis, ship carpenter , Biddle near Fifteenth
Pococke, William H., painter , 7 nnorth Fourth
Podista, Antoine, fruit store , 18 Pine