The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Bigelow, A., resresidence 80 nnorth Fifth
Billhort, Robert, baker , 292ssouth Fifth
Billings, Albert, lottery broker , 33 Olive
Billings, Henry, pilot , corcorner Second and Florida
Billings, Samuel, painter , 275ssouth Market
Billon, Frederick L., resresidence 44 nnorth Sixth
Bills, Elisha B., druggist , corcorner Olive and Sixth
Binder, John, tinner , 265ssouth Market
Bine, Justin, resresidence Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Bingham, William L., (H. & B.) resresidence Olive betbetween 15th and 16th
Bingham, Mary, widow, resresidence 246 nnorth Fifth
Bingley, William, ship carpenter , resresidence Ashley near First
Binkhead, James, coppersmith , corcorner Second and Florida
Binz, Stephen, shoe maker , 88 nnorth Front
Birch, Baptiste, laborer , DeKalb, betbetween Victory and Barton
Birch, Richard, harness maker , 69 Cherry
Bircher, Rodolph, livery stable , 95 Pine
Birge, H. W., book keeper , 131 and 133 nnorth First
Birkermier, Casper, laborer , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Birkland, James W., (R. & B.) resresidence corcorner Second and Florida
Bisbee, Z. G., M. D. , Seventh betbetween Barry and Marion
Bischoff, Francis J., printer , 241ssouth Second
Bischoff & Bros. , shoe makers, 39 Chesuut
Bischoff, George, (B. & B.) resresidence Spruce betbetween First and Second
Bischoff, Conrad, (B. & B.) resresidence 39 Chesnut
Bishop, Jefferson M., carpenter , resresidence 259 nnorth Eleventh
Bishop, David H., deputy sheriff , resresidence 71 nnorth Eighth
Bishop, Newton, wagon maker , 241 nnorth Seventh
Bishop, Joel, moulder at Empire Stove Works
Bisler, C., laborer , resresidence corcorner of Jackson and Emmett
Bissell, A. M., book keeper , 151 nnorth First
Bissell, William, clerk , 169 nnorth Third
Bissonet, Antoine, resresidence 259 Green
Bittick, Perry, bar keeper , 18 and 19 Front
Bittman, Charles W., confectioner , 122 nnorth Third
Bittner, Nicholas, miller , 211 nnorth Twelfth
Bitts, Jeremiah, carpenter , corcorner Broadway and Biddle
Bix, John, shoe maker , resresidence Fifteenth near Carr
Bixby, Mansell, resresidence 142 nnorth Sixth
Bixler, Jacob, boarding house , Broadway near Labeaume
Black Miles & Co.Company , dry goods merchants, 182 Broadway
Black, Matthew, resresidence 74 nnorth Second
Black, Thomas, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Black, James C., coffee house , corcorner Allen and Second, resresidence Ben-
ton near Broadway
Black & Quigley , coffee house , corcorner Second and Elm
Black, J. A., (B. & Q.) resresidence near upper ferry