The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Postall, William, builder , 156 Pine
Posey, T. M., Virginia Hotel
Posey, T. R., clerk , 182 Broadway
Posey, L. R., clerk , 182 Broadway
Postholm, William, riverman , 63 nnorth Fifth
Post Office nsnorthside Chesnut betbetween Third and Fourth
Pothoff, John F., grocer , corcorner St. Charles and Fifth
Potter, George W., cooper , alley on Carrbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Pottle, Gore & Co.Company , merchants, corcorner Front and Market
Pottle, Moses L., [P. G. & Co.] 141 and 143 Market
Potts, William S.Rev.Reverend , 101 Walnut
Potts, J. H., dental surgeon , 119 Locust
Poulnois, Domine, stone mason , corcorner Columbus and Carroll
Poulter, Herman, forger , 87 Pine
Pound, Richard, laborer , Fourteenth near Poplar
Pour, Domas, plasterer , Seventh nnorth of Park avavenue
Pousett, Baptiste, drayman , Jackson near Soulard
Poutzer, Frederick, laborer , Seventhssouth of Hickory
Powell, Thomas, laborer , Ninth near Madison
Powell, Barlow & Co.Company , Missouri Mills, corcorner 8th and St. Charles
Powell, Joseph, [P., B. & Co.] Walnut betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Powell, Robert W., tailor , 115 Pine, resresidence 50ssouth Tenth
Powell, Charles A., cigar store , 81 Chesnut
Powell, James, shoemaker , 74 Green
Power, Martin E., grocer , 5 Front, 109ssouth First
Power, Thomas, clerk , 36ssouth First, resresidence Secondssouth of Market
Power, John, 182 Green
Powers, John, mason , Orange wwest of Sixteenth
Powers, John G., Planters’ House
Powers, Peter, cabinet maker , Morgan wwest of Seventeenth
Powers, Henry, cooper , Market wwest of Twelfth
Powers, James, corcorner Fifteenth and Christy avavenue
Powers, David, grocer , Market corcorner of Thirteenth
Powers, Michael, stone mason , corcorner Market and Fourteenth
Powers, John, laborer , 235 nnorth Ninth
Powers, Nicholas, blacksmith , alley on Washbetbetween Sixth and
Powers, Edward, s b captain , Tenth near Wash
Prager, S., Virginia Hotel
Prager & Walter , importers of fancy goods, 155 nnorth First
Prahm, George, Wash near Thirteenth
Prather, James V., M. D. , 45 Pine
Pratte, Bernard, 57 nnorth Fifth
Pratte, Joseph E., bricklayer , Morrison avavenue eeast of Morton
Pratte, Elon G., clerk , 147 nnorth First
Pratte, James W., blacksmith , Mound near Broadway
Pratt, Thomas, superintendent of gas works
Pratt, Ezekiel, carpenter , corcorner Chesnut and Thirteenth