The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Quinney, Martin, laborer , Eighth betbetween Wash and Carr
Rabenan, Frederick, clerk , 4ssouth First
Raber, Charles, engineer , Broadway near Hempstead
Raborg & Shaffner , leather dealers, 13 Front
Raborg, Franklin, [R. & S.] Chouteau avavenue betbetween Twelfth and
Racine, Toussaint, 25 Myrtle
Radeck, Lagass, groceries and provisions , 86½ nnorth Front
Rader, Philip, veterinary surgeon , Market wwest of Sixteenth
Rænhart, George, butcher , Carondelet avavenue near Lammi
Ragan, William, warehouseman , O’Fallon near Collins
Rahlfink, Henry, carpenter , Columbus betbetween Victory and Sidney
Rahmeir, Bernard, drayman , 295 nnorth Eleventh
Raim, Nicholas, carpenter , 253 nnorth Ninth
Rain, Joseph, butcher , 125 nnorth Fifth
Rains, Hannah, boarding house , 291 Broadway
Raiter, Frederick, cigar maker
Raker, Henry, cigar maker , Seventh betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Ralph, Wilson, riverman , corcorner Eleventh and Morgan
Ramble, Joseph, engineer , corcorner Second and Cherry
Ramhilt, George, laborer , Anne betbetween Easton and Jackson
Rammers, Louis, cabinet maker , corcorner Anne and Jackson
Ramsey, Charles G., proprietor New Era , 21 Collins
Ramsey, John, carpenter , Ninth near Madison
Ramus, Isaac, 114 nnorth First
Randall, Joseph, miller , 217 nnorth First
Randall, John D., clothing , &c. 36 Broadway
Randall, Richard R., shoe store , 100 Market
Randolph, William S., s b captain , 206 Market
Randolph, Joseph C. F., baker , 126 Market
Randolph, B. H., flour dealer , 22 Front
Rankin, David P., clerk , 80 nnorth First
Rankin, John H.. attorney , 81 Market
Ranlett, Seth A., Sec’y.St. LouisPer. Ins. Co., 77 nnorth First
Rann, Henry, tailor , Cherry betbetween First and Second
Rannells, Charles S., attorney , 65 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner Fourth and
Ranney & Co.Company , com.commission merchants, corcorner Commercial and Olive
Ranney, Nathan, (R. & Co.) Chesnut betbetween Sixt and Seventh
Ransom, Walter, tin and sheet iron , Broadway near Mound
Ransom, William W., clerk , 146 nnorth Third
Ransom, Duke, saddler , 29 Market
Ranson, Robert, book keeper , St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Raom, Francis, 154 Green
Rapert, George, laborer , Barry betbetween Jackson and Columbia
Rapi, William, tailor , 296ssouth Fifth