The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Rian, Arthur, 60 Collins
Rice, Bartholomew, lumber merchant , 189 Carondelet avavenue
Rice, Bartholomew, shoemaker , Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Rice, Stephen, clerk , 4 Green
Rice, James, tavern , 45 Front
Rice, John, coffee house , 52 nnorth Front
Rice, John, painter , 230 Market
Rice, Michael, pedlar , Olive betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Rice, Samuel, s b cook , Fourteenth near Poplar
Rice, William H., clerk , Second betbetween Carr ann Biddle
Rice, Philip, 83 nnorth Sixth
Rice, August, 140 nnorth Fifth
Richards, William, tent maker , 87 Pine
Richards, Mrs., boarding house , 44 Olive
Richards, John, clerk , 30 Front
Richards & Lauri , wh. boot and shoe store, 92 nnorth First
Richards, Josiah, (R. & L.) Monroe House
Richards, Ebenezer, [D., T. & T.] 144 Elm
Richards, Richard William, sail maker , 2.19ssouth Third
Richard, James, carpenter , 364ssouth Fifth
Richards, George, 127 nnorth Seventh
Richards, B. F., carpenter , 90ssouth Third
Richards, Samuel C., blacksmith , 137 Chesnut
Richards, John, Mansion House, 129 nnorth Fourth
Richardson, George, silver plater , 28ssouth First
Richardson, James W., (McK. & R.) 134 Market
Richardson, William, engineer , 168 nnorth Third
Richartz, Leonard, [B. & R.] corcorner Morgan and First
Richison, Robert A., engineer , 233 Carr
Richison, Thomas, clerk , Sixteenth betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Richliki, John K., clerk in Surveyor General’s Office
Richscheit, Adam, cabinet maker , Franklin avavenue wwest of Sixteenth
Rick, George, laborer , near City Hospital
Rick, Conrad, laborer , near City Hospital
Rick, Henry, shoemaker , 348ssouth Fifth
Rickard, Thomas, 170 nnorth Seventh
Ricker J. H. & Co. , dry goods and groceries, 12ssouth First
Rickleman, Henry, hatter , alley betbetween Pine and Olive
Ricords, James B., [M. & R.] 5 nnorth Second
Ridder, Conrad, teacher , 183ssouth Third
Riddle, Alexander, lumber merchant , corcorner Biddle and Broadway
Riddle, Thomas J., tinner , 55 Olive
Ridenour, George, cigar store , 72 Locust
Rider, John, laborer , Easton betbetween Hickory and Benton
Ridgely & Co.Company , gas manufacturers, 69 Locust
Ridgely, Stephen, [R. & Co.] City Hotel
Ridgely, Franklin L., Sec’y. Union Ins. Co., 107ssouth Fifth