The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Robinson, Francis, laborer , alley on Wash between Fifth and
Robinson, Samuel, collector , 192 nnorth Sixth
Robinson, Thomas, stone cutter , Smith near Shot Tower
Robinson, William, warehouseman , 20ssouth First
Robinson, Joseph D., riverman , Eleventh near O’Fallon
Robinson, George, teamster , 285 nnorth Twelfth
Robinson & Cochran , steam saw mill, First near Chambers
Robinson, Smith, [R. & C.] First near Chambers
Robinson, William A., book keeper , First near Chambers
Robinson, Henry, teamster , 320 nnorth Seventh
Robirds, Hardin, s b captain , Franklin avavenue wwest of Thirteenth
Robirds, Newman, s b captain , 205 Morgan
Robirds, Obi, engineer , 231 Franklin avavenue
Robison, A. S., clerk at Bank
Robison, James P., carpenter , Ashly near Broadway
Robison, ——, carpenter , corcorner Jackson and Miller
Robisson, Harvey, engineer , Fourth near Franklin avavenue
Robury, William, riverman , 129 nnorth Fifth
Roby, John, carpenter , Second near Cherry
Robyn, William, professor of music , 167 Washington avavenue
Roche, John, drayman , Seventh near Rutger
Roche, William, dry goods , 77 nnorth Fourth
Rock, Philip, coffee house , corcorner Olive and Front
Rock, John, boatman , 295 nnorth Tenth
Rock & Dunnds , fruit store, 12½ nnorth First
Rock, John B., [R. & D.] 12½ nnorth First
Rock, ——, bricklayer , corcorner Marion and Seventh
Rodendohr, Jacob, bricklayer , Soulard near Columbus
Roder, Henry, foundryman , Eighth near Biddle
Roderman, William, bricklayer , corcorner Marion and Seventh
Roderman, Charles, auctioneer , 53 nnorth First
Rodier, Pierre C., M. D. , 249ssouth Second
Rodgers, William C., 54 nnorth Second
Rodgers & Birkhead , tin and copper manf’rs, 176 nnorth First
Rodgers, Samuel, [R. & B.] 260 Morgan
Rodgers, Joseph, stone mason , Olive wwest of Fourteenth
Rodgers, Thomas, 270 Morgan
Rodolph, John, laborer , Wood betbetween Second and river
Roe & Kercheval , commission merchants, 59 Front, up stairs
Roe, John J., (R. & K.) corcorner Fourth and Green
Roe, Joseph, 143 nnorth Sixth
Roedel, Frederick, blacksmith , Decatur near Flora Garden
Roegoner, John M., 2 Gay
Roenich, Christian, carpenter , Columbus near Victory
Roff, A. B., s b captain , 77 Washington avavenue
Rogan, P., clerk , corcorner Seventh and Morgan