The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Rudolph, Wiley, bricklayer , Olive wwest of Fifteenth
Rudolph, Cyprian, painter , Ham near Hickory
Rudloff, Ferdinand, baker , 253 nnorth Eighth
Rueff, Jacob, shoemaker , 6 Vine
Rueff, Christian, tanner , 79 and 81 Carondelet avavenue
Ruga, Paul, statuary factory , 45 Washington avavenue
Ruggles, Moses, saddle tree maker , Washington avavenue wwest of Fifteenth
Ruhing, Henry, shoemaker , 298ssouth Fifth
Ruhl, John, laborer , Chambers near Broadway
Ruland, John, clerk circuit court , Morgan wwest of Nineteenth
Rule, William K., weigher , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Rule, Orville G., engineer , resresidence Mechanic Exchange
Ruloff, Jacob, laborer , Carr near Fifteenth
Ruloff, Matthew, drayman , Fifteenth near Carr
Rumel, John Henry, 180 Morgan
Rumford, Charles C., cor Wash and Eleventh
Rumpff, Henry, barkeeper , 227 Broadway
Rung, Frederick, sausage maker , Spruce wwest of Twelfth
Runyan, Hillman & Co.Company , iron dealers, 15 Front
Runyan, B. M., (R. H. & Co.) Fifth betbetween Myrtle and Spruce
Rush, Willis, carpenter , Ninth near Wright
Rnshenburg, Joseph, laborer , corcorner Buel and Emmet
Rushenburg, Andreas, laborer , corcorner Buel and Emmet
Rushton, Richard, 116 Washington avavenue
Rushton, Frederick, laborer , 110 Green
Rushton, Edwin, sawyer , 129 nnorth Fifth
Russell, Christopher, laborer , corcorner Mullanphy and Ninth
Russell & Bennet , wh. grocers and commission merchants, 81
and 82 nnorth Front
Russell, Samuel, (R. & B.) 31ssouth Fourth
Russell, William, ws Carondeletssouth of Soulard’s addition
Russell, J. W., wines and liquors , 70 nnorth Second
Russell, Timothy, drayman , Morgan wwest of Fifteenth
Russell, Jacob, pilot , corcorner Fourteenth and Franklin avavenue
Russell, Reuben, provisions , 255 Broadway
Rust, John C., (A. M. & Co.) 25 nnorth First
Ruter, Gearhart, milkman , Soulard near Hamtramck
Ruter, William, clerk , 98 Carondelet avavenue
Ruth, William H., printer , New Era Office
Ruthenburg Julius & Bro. , dry goods, 67 nnorth Third
Ruthenburg, Benjamin, (R. & Bro.) 67 nnorth Third
Rutherfurd A. S. & Co. , wh. and retail dry goods, 14 nnorth First
Rutherfurd, Archibald S.. [R. & Co.] Fifth betbetween Cerré and Poplar
Rutherfurd T. S. & Co. , merchants, 26 nnorth First
Rutherfurd, Thomas S., [R. & Co.] 144 Market
Rutherfurd, Hamilton, carman , 224 nnorth Seventh
Rutler, Hiram, barkeeper , Shakspeare Saloon