The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Sly, Tener, carpenter , Second near Biddle
Small Joel & Co.Company , commission merchants, Planters’ Tobacco
Warehouse, up stairs
Small, John, riverman , rear of 158 Green
Smeaders, Samuel S., tailor , 197 Wash
Smeather, Shadrack, 154 Franklin avavenue
Smelder, Casper, 32 Poplar
Smelsely, James, baker , Eighth betbetween Wash and Carr
Smidt, John W., alley on Franklin avavenue betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Smidt, John, carpenter , 293 nnorth Tenth
Smidt, Frederick, teamster , 272 nnorth Eleventh
Smitcher, Michael, laborer , Biddle near Ninth
Smith, Adam, butcher , corcorner Picot and Chambers
Smith, Adam, carpenter , St. George’s alley
Smith Albert & Brother , fruit store , 99 Chesnut
Smith, Albert, clerk , 22ssouth First
Smith, Alfred A., hat and bonnet bleacher , 107 Market
Smith, Alpheus, Star Mills, 30ssouth Front
Smith, Andrew, 71 Locust
Smith, Asa B., 265 Morgan
Smith, Brothers & Co.Company , grocers and com. merch’tscommission merchants , 17 nnorth Front
Smith, Benjamin, carpenter , w of Fifteenth
Smith, Barbara, widow, 243 nnorth Seventh
Smith C. L. & Co. , silk and woolen dyers, 48 Pine
Smith, Calvert, clerk , 138 nnorth Third
Smith, Charles M., scene painter , 162 Morgan
Smith, Charles R., book keeper , 174 Market
Smith, Charles, s b cook , alley on Washbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Smith, Christian, shoemaker , Columbus near Victory
Smith, Conrad, shoemaker , Seventh nnorth of Park avavenue
Smith, Edward, porter , 150 nnorth First
Smith, Edward, 212 nnorth Sixth
Smith, Edwin, merchant , 214 Broadway, resresidence 146 Olive
Srpith, Edwin B., M. D. , corcorner Broadway and Monroe
Smith, Eliza, milliner , 138 Market
Smith, Eliza L., boarding house , 12 nnorth Fifth
Smith, Elizabeth, seamstress , corcorner Florida and Lewis
Smith, Elizabeth, widow, Rosatti near Emmet
Smith, Elias B., attorney , 32 Chesnut, resresidence Mullanphy near 2d
Smith, Erasmus, pilot , 264 nnorth Second
Smith, Frederick, drayman , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Smith, Frederick, brickmaker , Broadway near Chambers
Smith, Francis S., Pine Mills, Second near Mound
Smith, George, steward , 259 Broadway
Smith, George A., beer house , Carondelet avavenue near Sidney
Smith & Hoffman , soap and cannle factory , Twelfth near Chou-
teau’s pond