The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Smith, Robert, pilot , 58 Collins
Smith, Robert, 110 Morgan
Smith, Samuel, shoemaker , Franklin avavenue wwest of Sixteenth
Smith, Sanford J., Sec’y. Telegraph Office, 73 nnorth First
Smith J.Sidney, , attorney , 92 Chesnut
Smith, Sol, attorney , Theatre building, resresidence Chouteau avavenue
Smith, Spencer, female seminary , 19 nnorth Sixth
Smith, William H., (S., Bros. & Co.) 183ssouth Third
Smith, William, clerk , 184 Broadway
Smith, William, (S. & H.) corcorner Sixteenth and Clark avavenue
Smith, William, carriage maker , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Fourth
Smith, William, 212 Green
Smith, William, book keeper , Planters’ House
Smith, William L., trader , Eighth betbetween Walnut and Clark avavenue
Smith, William C., plasterer , 59 nnorth Eighth
Smith, William G., livery stable , 267 Broadway
Smith, William, riverman , 317 Broadway
Smithers, John A., carpenter , 135 Chesnut
Smoka, Elizabeth, widow, Decatur near Lafayette
Smyth, Isaac, clerk , corcorner Market and Ninth
Snabel, Henry, stone mason , Ninth near Carr
Snavely, Samuel, blacksmith , corcorner Second and Morgan
Sneather, Frank, porter , 100 nnorth First
Sneather, Richard, [c.] 176 Morgan
Sneller, Augustus, carpenter , 105ssouth Fourth
Snider, Casper, laborer , Wood betbetween Second and river
Snitger, Henry, flour packer , Biddle near Fourteenth
Sniverly, A., shoemaker , alley betbetween Carroll and Marion
Snodgrass, Alvin, bricklayer , South Market Tavern
Snodgrass, Isaac, Brooklyn near Ninth
Snow, Robert B., drugs and medicines , 197 nnorth First
Snow, George, carpenter , 272 nnorth Seventh
Snow, Edwin H., clerk , 83 nnorth First
Snow, Joseph, riverman , 235 nnorth Thirteenth
Snyder, John, bricklayer , cor Carr and Fifteenth
Snyder, A. G., trunk maker , 27 Locust
Snyder, George, laborer , Tenth near Carr
Snyder, Peter, shoemaker , corcorner First and Mullanphy
Snyder, H. M., stoves and tin ware , 147 nnorth Third
Snyder, Henry, iron finisher , 87 Pine
Snyder, John, butcher , corcorner Picotte and Columbus
Snyder, ——, stone cutter , Eighth betbetween Wash and Carr
Snyder, Jacob H., boarding house , 110 Washington avavenue
Snyder, William, shoemaker , DeKalb near Lesperance
Snyder, Jacob, 146 nnorth Sixth
Snyder, Henry M., bell and brass founder , 63 Morgan
Snyder, Joseph, watchman , Rosattissouth of Emmet