The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Spencer, Theodosia, widow, 44ssouth Fifth
Spencer S. & J. A. , hat and cap store, 83 Market
Spencer, Stephen, [S. & J. A. S.] 83 Market
Spencer, Lydia, fruit store , 178 Market
Speneman, Christian, saddletree maker , corcorner Eighteenth and
Spenke, J., riverman , 219 nnorth Thirteenth
Sperbrank, Henry, grocer , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Thirteenth
Sperbrank, Rudolph, clerk , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Thirteenth
Spering, Samuel S., turner , Broadway near Benton
SperringHenry, sr., laborers , 284 nnorth Seventh
SperringHenry, jr., laborers , 284 nnorth Seventh
Sperwin, Edward, baker , 288 Broadway
Spillsborg, George, bricklayer , 283 nnorth Tenth
Spinner, David, mattress maker , 111 Spruce
Spitz, Falden, lock maker , Fulton near Park avavenue
Spitzer, Henry, clerk , 217 Broadway
Spock, Mrs. A. H., millinery , 110 Market, up stairs
Spœri, Matthew, tailor , 115ssouth Second
Spore, James, house and sign painter , 78 Chesnut
Spore, William W., painter , 254 nnorth Fifth
Sporleader, Charles, clerk , Wash near Fifteenth
Sporleader, Augustus, tailor , 131 Olive
Sprague, Ambrose, tailor , 27 Chesnut
Spratley, James N., shoemaker , Carrbetbetween Sixth and Seventh
Sprecher & Conway , boot and shoe makers, 15 Pine
Sprecher, P. J., [S. & C] 17 nnorth Second
Sprigg, Jenifer T., clerk in Surveyor General’s Office , 89 Chesnut
Sprigg, James R., s b clerk , 29ssouth Fourth
Spright, Matthew, porter , 131 and 133 nnorth First
Springer, George A., s b captain , Olive wwest of Fourteenth
Springer, John N. W., St. Charles betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Springmeyer, Josephine, widow, alley betbetween Barry and Marion
Sproll, Wendelin, mason , Seventhssouth of Gratiot
Sprouler, Henry, bricklayer , Jackson betbetween Miller and Wood
Sprout, Thomas, bar keeper , 322 nnorth Seventh
Squier, Abner, cooper , Benton near Broadway
Squire, John, clerk , 16 nnorth Front
Sryer, William, butcher , Sixteenth betbetween Spruce and Poplar
St. Andrews, M., cigar maker , 147 Carr
Stab, Christopher, cattle trader , Park avavenue wwest of Hamtramck
Stabar, Henry, baker , 147ssouth Second
Stæhlin & Ketterer , Phœnix Brewery, corcorner Lafayette and Ca-
[rondelet avavenue
Stæhlin, Christian, [S. & K.] corcorner Lafayette and Carondelet avavenue
Stackhouse, Samuel, hay presser , 260 Broadway
Stacy & Mighells , builders and steam laundry men, shop 109
Carr, laundry, alley on Chesnut betbetween Second and Third