The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Borgmann, Gerhard, laborer , res Carr near Ninth
Borland, Alexander, shoe maker , 261 Morgan
Bormann, Charles, tailor , alley betbetween Marion and Barry
Bornhein & Richards , locksmiths, corcorner Morgan and First
Bornhein, Henry, (B. & R.) resresidence corcorner Ninth and Green
Borniere, Isadore, coffee house , 212ssouth Second
Bors, William, laborer , resresidence Eighth near O’Fallon
Bors, T., locksmith , 303ssouth Third
Bosch, Jacob, O’Fallon Mill
Bose, William, moulder , Mississippi Foundry
Bosler, Stephen, tailor , 209 Wash
Boston, John, carpenter , resresidence 298 nnorth Seventh
Bosse, William, resresidence Franklin avavenue betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Bosseron, Theresa, widow, 154 Market
Boswell, Seymour, carpenter , Mullanphy near Sugar Refinery
Boswell, Andrew, (R. & B.) resresidence Marion near Broadway
Boswell, Charles, (M. & B.) resresidence corcorner Eighth and Morgan
Boswell, John, paper hanger , resresidence Centre near Market
Bosworth, Ebenezer C., carpenter , resresidence 21ssouth Eighth
Bothon, Joseph, blacksmith , resresidence Collins near Reservoir
Bottoff, Thomas A., resresidence 136 nnorth Sixth
Bourdreaux, M., dress maker , 163 Washington avavenue
Bouju, Joseph, Florida, east side of Broadway
Boumon, Otto, stone driller , resresidence Buel betbetween Lafayette and Emmett
Bourcheritt, John, cooper , Jackson betbetween Barry and Marion
Bourdre, Julienne, seamstress , Cerré near Sixth
Bourgoyne & Lapierre , tailors, 27 nnorth Second
Bourgoyne, Michael, (B. & L.) resresidence 27 nnorth Second
Bourgoine, Joseph, carpenter , resresidence 38 Lombard
Bourgoine, John P., engineer , resresidence corcorner Lesperance and Columbus
Bouric, John, baker , 44ssouth First
Bourman, Henry, tinner , 144 nnorth First
Bourne & Brotherton , fruit dealers, cellar under 260 Broadway
Bourne, John, (B. & B.) resresidence in rear 128 Broadway
Bousser, Michael, laborer , Park Mills
Bowe, Daniel, beer house , 94 Morgan
Bowen, Samuel A., boarding house , 181 nnorth Third
Bowen, John, resresidence Eighth near Locust
Bowen, John, boatman , resresidence Second near Harrison
Bowen, John H., (B. & B.) Eighth betbetween Locust and Olive
Bower, George, laborer , resresidence 22 Plum
BowersCharlesRev.Reverend , , resresidence Broadway near Hempstead
Bowman, Jacob, pilot , resresidence Olive betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Bowman, John, laborer , resresidence Ninth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Bowman, John, (H. & B.) resresidence Western House
Bowman, H. B., M. D. , 159 Market
Bowman, A. K., book keeper , Delta House