The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Teller, Ferdinand, milkman , Papin near Columbus
Tellum, H., tinner , 255ssouth Market
Temeyer, Henry, carpenter , Fourteenth near Biddle
Temple, John N., grocer , 103 nnorth Second
Temple, John T., M. D. , 55 Walnut
Templeton, James, engineer , Seventh betbetween Wash and Carr
Templeton, Joseph, D. D. , corcorner Broadway and Jefferson
Tengans, Henry, plasterer , Menard near Carroll
Tennison, John, pilot , 121ssouth Fifth
Tent, Charles, cabinet maker , 277 Third
Tentebery, Justus, shoemaker , 99 Front
Tenz, Ernst, cabinet maker , corcorner Fifth and Gratiot
Tepel, Henry, blacksmith , Washbetbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Terberg, Joseph, carpenter , 317ssouth Fifth
Terffel, Francis, cigar manufacturer , 58 Green
Terhillen, Henry, cap and hat manufacturer , 183ssouth Second
Terrell, Jeptha, mate , alley on Franklin avavenue wwest of Ninth
Tes, Gregory, tavern keeper , 77ssouth Second
Tesson, Edward P., exchange broker , 79 nnorth First, resresidence Seventh
near Hickory
Teter, Frederick, 41ssouth Second
Teuscher, Henry, porter , 170 nnorth Eighth
Tevis, Scott & Tevis , wh dry goods, 95 nnorth First
Tevis, John C., [T., S. & S.] Sixth betbetween Olive and Pine
Tewes & Harves , dry goods, 59 nnorth First
Tewes, William C., [T. & H.] 14 Chesnut
Tey, Michael, drayman , Fifteenth near Florida
Thaman, William, bricklayer , Jackson near Marion
Thatch, William, clerk , Delta House
Thatcher, George W., [H. & T.] corcorner Locust and Seventh
Thayer, Napoleon B., clerk , 190 nnorth First, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Thayer, B. Donaldson, clerk , 142 nnorth First
Thayer, Charles M., at Missouri Mill , corcorner Eighth and St. Charles
Thayer, ——, shoe dealer , corcorner Morgan and Sixth
Thegus, Henry, laborer , 256 nnorth Sixth
Theilaker, Jacob, brewer , 54ssouth Third
Their, Frederick, cooper , 271ssouth Third
Theis, John H., tavern keeper , 105 Front
Therouf, James, tailor , Rutgers betbetween Fifth and Seventh
Theve, John, laborer , Spruce near pond
Thimler, Edward S., hat and cap store , 35 Franklin avavenue
Thirlwell, William L., carpenter , corcorner Marion and Hamtramck
Thol, John, teamster , South Market Tavern
Thomas, John, bricklayer , Seventh near Barry
Thomas, Jacob P., [T. & T.] 33ssouth Sixth
Thomas & Leffingwell , real estate agents, 119 Chesnut
Thomas, Martin, [T. & L.] 119 Chesnut