The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Timmermann, Gerhard H., grocer , 181 Market
Timmermann, Frederick, grocer , 209 Market
Timmermann, John H., teamster , Ninth near Clark avavenue
Timons, Owen V., public weigher , 165ssouth Fifth
Timons, James, 165ssouth Fifth
Timons, Jerome, clerk , 173ssouth Fifth
Tindell, George, [H. & Co.] Pine betbetween First and Second
Tipper, Valentine, cabinet maker , Fourteenth near Clark avavenue
Tippett, George, tobacconist , 262 Market
Tippett, Philip, clerk Court of Common Pleas
Tirrell, Jacob P., clerk , 42 Front
Tissernd, Prosper, carpenter , 174 Walnut
Tissier, Felix, confectioner , 79 nnorth Third
Tissrand, John P., pattern maker , corcorner Eighth and Walnut
Tivis, James P., bricklayer , First near Florida
Tobias, John, cigar importer , 8ssouth Fourth
Tobin, William, laborer , 11 Poplar
Todd G. & C. , mill stone manufacturers, 217 nnorth First
Todd, George, (G. & C. T.) 174 nnorth Sixth
Todd, Charles, (G. & C. T.) 174 nnorth Sixth
Todd, Washington, clerk , 217 nnorth First
Todd, R. P., boarding house , 50 Olive
Todd, Samuel A., carpenter , Mound near Eighth
Todd, William, provision dealer , Commercial alley, resresidence Seventh
near Wash
Todd & Krum , attorneys, 25 Chesnut
Todd, Albert, [T. & K.] Locust betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Toll, Charles, at Fairplay Foundry
Tolle, John F., miller , Union Mills
Tolton, O. B., clerk , 154 nnorth First
Tomer, Isaac C., carpenter , Locust betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Tomer, Samuel, carpenter , near City Hospital
TomesCharles, Rev.Reverend , 133 Chesnut
Tomlinson, Henry T., clerk , 9 Market
Tomlinson, James, shoemaker , 231 Market
Tomlinson, William H., collector , Pine wwest of Fourteenth
Tompkins, William, Eighth betbetween Pine and Olive
Toncray, Francis L., Mound City Exchange, 210 Broadway
Toney, Jesse, laborer , Chambers near Broadway
Tong, Hezekiah, riverman , Broadway near nnorth Market
Tonnear, James, cooper cox , Carondelet avavenue and Lesperance
Tonze, Henry, laborer , Eighth near Florida
Tooczlein, August A., music teacher , 234ssouth Fifth
Took, James H., jeweller , 78 Market, resresidence Benton nrnear Broadway
Tobly, William, carpenter , 221 nnorth Sixth
Tooly, James W., 104 Locust
Topping, Lucas C., clerk , 153 nnorth First