The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Twehouse, John, laborer , corcorner Jackson and Lafayette
Twombly, Benjamin, provision store , 13 Market
Twiggs, Milton, Jefferson near First
Twichell, John W., s b captain , Eleventh betbetween Market and
Clark avavenue
Tyler George M. & Co. , produce dealers, 4ssouth First
Tyler & Hawken , cabinet warehouse, 117 nnorth Second
Tyler, Joseph, (T. & H.) 117 nnorth Second
Tyner, William, chandler , Spruce wwest of Thirteenth
Tyree, Tarlton, watchmaker , 42 nnorth First
Tyree, ——, clerk , 102 nnorth Fourth
Tye, William, Sixth betbetween Chouteau avavenue and Labidie
Tyson, William H., soda factory , Buel near Marion
Uebel, Martin, gardener , Victory near Columbus
Ufferman, John B., laborer , Biddle near Sixteenth
Uhl, Jerome, actor , 106 Morgan
Uhlen, Henry, laborer , Tenth near Biddle
Uhlick, F. A., [S. & U.] Christy av b Thirteenth and Fourteeth
Uhre, Frank, shoemaker , corcorner Seventh and Barry
Uhrig, Joseph, printing office , 28ssouth First
Uitterling, William, carpenter , 257 nnorth Eleventh
Ulens, Joseph, gardener , corcorner Second and Carondelet avavenue
Ulenhand, Henry, carpenter , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Ulhak, H., laborer , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Ulrick, Christian, soap and candle factory , Mullanphy nrnear First
Ulrici, Richard W., distiller , 59 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner Fifth and
Umbah, John, tailor , 19ssouth Fourth
Umbarger, Abram, clerk , 10ssouth First
Underhill, George A., 180 Olive
Underwood, John, machinist , Benton near Broadway
Unger, Frederick, tailor , Almond, near Second
Uperman, Wentley, alley near Lafayette
Upton, J., carpenter , 67 Locust
Ursher, R., barkeeper , Walton House
Usher, Patrick, drayman , Collins near O’Fallon
Ustick, Thomas W., book and job printing , 58 nnorth First, resresidence 191
Franklin avavenue
Ustick, William W., printer. , 191 Franklin avavenue
Uthoff, Casper H., Eleventh near Carr
Vaccaressoi, Louis, coffee house , 212ssouth Second
Vacher, Frederick, 223 nnorth Ninth
Vaies, F. F., razor strop and instrument maker , 53 Market
Vail, Ira, M. D. , 101 Pine, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Valle, Nerei, [C. &. V.] 154 Elm