The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Wake, Thomas, carpenter , Miller eeast of Jackson
Wakeman, Peter, watchman , Carondolet avavenue
Walcott, David, riverman , 24 Plum
Waldauer, Augustus, musician , 105 Franklin avavenue
Wales & Son , commission merchants, 54 nnorth Front
Wales, Orin, (W. & Son.) 76 nnorth First
Wales, William, butcher , 221 Franklin avavenue
Wilfing, C., clerk , 167 nnorth Third
Walker, Thomas, shoemaker , 136 nnorth Sixth
Walker, John, 258 Washington avavenue
Walker, James, corcorner Eleventh and St. Charles
Walker, Charles, family grocer , 312 Morgan
Walker, Benjamin , Paymaster U. S. A.United States of America , 22 nnorth Fifth
Walker, Samuel, clerk at Paymaster’s Office
Walker, Isaac, carpet store , 126 nnorth First
Walker, Lewis W., joiner , First near Jefferson
Walker, Thomas B., (E. & W.) 2 nnorth First
Walker, Mrs. E., widow, 7ssouth Fourth
Walker, Anthony, tailor , alley betbetween Gratiot and Cerræ
Walker, William, shoemaker , 247ssouth Second
Walker, Samuel, bricklayer , 259 Broadway
Wall, Thomas, 157 nnorth Eleventh
Wall, J. H. W., 152 nnorth Eleventh
Wall, Edward, 152 nnorth Eleventh
Wallace, L. C., [B. & W.] Delta House
Wallace, Julian, sawyer , corcorner First and Howard
Wallace, Samuel, stone cutter , 8ssouth Fourth
Wallingford, Estes, 202ssouth Third
Wallis, Samuel W., shoemaker , n Fourth
Wallmeyer, William, plasterer , Fourteenth rear Carr
Walsh J. & E. , wh. grocers and com.commission 72 nnorth Front
Walsh, John, (J. & E. W.,) Lewis near Florida
Walsh, Edward, (J. & E. W.) corcorner Olive and Sixth
Walsh, Richard, bricklayer , 113 and 115 Biddle
Walsh, William, shoemaker , Wash w of Thirteenth
Walsh, James B., clerk , 88 nnorth Eighth
Walsh, Peter, 149ssouth Third
Walsh, Patrick, notary public , 149ssouth Third
Walsh, Adam, baker , 288ssouth Third
Walsh, Edward, bar keeper , corcorner Elm and Second
Walter, W. L., Virginia Hotel
Walter, William, [P. & W.] 155 nnorth Fifth
Walter, J. P., Missouri Exchange , 11 Washington avavenue
Walters, Franklin, grocer , cor Carr and Eleventh
Walters, Copernicus, saddler , 109 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner Chouteau avavenue
and Seventh
Walters, George, beer house , 120ssouth Second