The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Weaver, John, painter , s side Wash, wwest of Ninth
Weaver, Tobias, s b clerk,ssouth side Wash, wwest of Ninth
Weaver, Hammond, pilot , s side Wash, wwest of Ninth
Weaver, Letty B., widow, corcorner Barlow and Gratiot
Weaver, George, saddler
Webb A. F. W. & Co. , fancy dry goods, 96 nnorth First
Webb, Frederick, clerk , 194 Broadway
Webb, Thomas, riverman , Warren near Broadway
Webb, James W., dry goods , 76 nnorth Fourth
Webb, William G., 246 nnorth Sixth
Webber, Peter, carpenter , 50 nnorth Sixth
Weber, Mahlon, carpenter , Eleventh nnorth of Morgan
Weber, Henry, (B. & W.) 141 Market
Weber, N., tailor , 25 Vine
Weber, William, editor of Anzeiger des Westens , corcorner Spruce
and Sixth
Weber, Theodore B., tailor , 44 Pine
Weber, Christopher, wagon maker , Tenth near Spring
Webster Thomas & Co.Company , com. merch’s., 127 nnorth First up stairs
WebsterFrancis, jr., clerk , 26 nnorth Front
Webster, Joseph H., engineer , Seventh near O’Fallon
Webster, John, drayman , Eighth near Biddle
Webster, Mrs. Mary, bakery , 168 Franklin avavenue
Webster, John, engineer , Washbetbetween Fifth and Sixth
Webster, Benjamin, 112 Biddle
Webster, Daniel, 208 nnorth Sixth
Webster, Warren, carpenter , corcorner Eighth and Wash
Webster, George, carpenter , River betbetween Victory and Barton
Webster, Thomas, clerk at Mississippi Foundry , resresidence Collins
Webster, William, shoemaker , 197 nnorth Second
Webster, Stephen, clerk , resresidence Collins near Biddle
Webster, Joseph, finisher , 301 Broadway
Webster, ——, shoemaker , 141 Franklin avavenue
Weed, Samuel R., saddler , 73 nnorth Fourth
Weehle, Charles, bar keeper , 128 nnorth Second
Wegman, John, (P. & Co.) brass founder , corcorner 2d and Cherry
Wehrmann, Albert, baker , 257 nnorth Ninth
Weigle, Abraham, merchant , Broadway near Florida
Weiho, Frederick, tailor , 172ssouth Fourth
Weileind, William, omnibus driver , 169ssouth First
Weinheimer, John, cabinet maker , 106ssouth Second
Weinland, Henry, tailor , Jacksonssouth of Carroll
Weirath, Baltz, cooper , 335ssouth Third
Weiss, Michael, confectionary , 77 Market
Weiss, Francis, cigar maker , Second betbetween Elm and Walnut
Weiss, Charles, shoemaker , 71ssouth Second
Weisenfels, Henry, clerk , Locust betbetween Seventh and Eighth