The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Wolf, Henry, shoemaker , 45 Almond
Wolf, John, miller , Mound near Broadway
Wolf, Edward, tailor , Soulard eeast of Jackson
Wolf, Henry, grocer , First near Florida
Wolf, John, laborer , Wood eeast of Second
Wolfe, J. B., draper and tailor , 23 Chesnut
Wolff & Co.Company , stove manufacturers, 193 and 195 nnorth First
Wolff, Hoppe & Speck , importers of German goods, 29 Market
Wolff, John, [W., H. & H.] 5ssouth Second
Wolff & Hoppe , importers of German goods, 179 nnorth First
Wolff, Hoppe & Lackman , variety store, 151 nnorth Third
Wolfort, John, laborer , Wood eeast of Second
Wolftinga, Henry, cabinet maker , Barry eeast of Jackson
Wolkewit, William, shoemaker , 194ssouth Twelfth
Wolley, Peter, laborer , Fulton near Emmet
Wolley, Frank, laborer , Fulton near Emmet
Wollkoff, Rudolph, teacher of English and German , 231ssouth 2d
Wolter, B. H., carpenter , Mullanphy near First
Wonderly, Peter, copper smith , 233 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner Market and
Wonderly, Adam, laborer , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Wonderly, Jacob, stone cutter , Rosatti near Carroll
Wonter, Andreas, tailor , Ham nnorth of Hickory
Wood & Shaw , grocers, 39 nnorth Front
Wood, Samuel, [W. & S.] 39 nnorth Front
Wood, George D., produce dealer , Delta House
Wood, J. G., carpenter , Walton House
Wood, Michael W., plasterer , 48 Chesnut
Wood & Creley , retail dry goods, 62 Market
Wood, William, [W. & C.] 13ssouth Seventh
Wood, Thomas, carver , corcorner Fifth and Pine, resresidence corcorner Ninth and
Wood, Samuel, carriage maker , Chambers near Broadway
Wood, Joseph W., bar room , 21 nnorth Fourth
Wood, Jason, St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Wood, Thomas, pedlar , 51 Elm, up stairs
Woodard, Theophilus, [J. L. W. & Co.] 74 nnorth Second
Woodburn, Mrs. C. J., widow, corcorner Collins and Ashley
Woodcock, John, foreman at Risley’s Pork House , 250ssouth Second
Woodman, Joseph H., baker , 79 nnorth Fourth
Woodman, David J., baker , corcorner Brooklyn and Tenth
Woodruff James E. & Co. , commission merchants, 22 Front,
resresidence 176 Olive
Woodruff, Marcus P., [W. & Co.] 176 Olive
Woodruff, A. D., attorney , 44 Chesnut
Woods, Joseph, clerk , 93 nnorth First
Woods, Christy & Co.Company , wholesale dry goods, 93 nnorth First