The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Brown, Patrick, stone cutter , corcorner Fourteenth and Wash
Brown, B. B., surgeon dentist , 120 nnorth Fourth
Brown, John, book keeper , Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Brown, Mary, widow, 41ssouth Fourth
Brown, Hosea, 189 Locust
Brown, Timothy, clerk , 35 Locust
Brown, Edwin, wh boot and shoe store , 145 nnorth First, up stairs
Brown, Anson, clerk , 145 nnorth First
Brown, John, bricklayer , Ham betbetween Hickory and Chouteau avavenue
Brown, Susan, widow, 88 nnorth First
Brown, William, warehouse-man , 77 nnorth Front
Brown, James L., 158 nnorth Second, resresidence corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Brown, Joseph M., clerk , 162 nnorth First, resresidence 218 nnorth Eleventh
Brown, A. G., clerk , 151 nnorth Third
Brown, Daniel, wood merchant , resresidence Benton near Broadway
Brown, Samuel W.clerk , corcorner Fourth and Green
Brown, Sullivan, boat joiner , O’Fallon near Seventh
Brown, John, gas works
Brown, Charles, printer , 49 Locust, resresidence 94 Washington avavenue
Brown, James, merchant , corcorner of Morgan and Sixth
Brown, John, clerk , boards at Mrs. Dickinson’s, on Fourth
Brown, Isaac S., painter , 100 Elm
Brown, Charles, 54ssouth Third
Brown & Wein , carpenters, Poplar near Fifth
Brown, George, (B. & W.) 70 Myrtle
Brown, J. U., clerk , 320 Broadway
Brown, Henry, trunk maker , 28ssouth First
Brown, Frederick, butcher , corcorner Clark avavenue and Sixteenth
Brown, Maria, boarding house , Brooklyn near Carr
Brown, Joseph C., county engineer , office Court House
Brown, Joseph C., deputy sheriff , residence Olive betbetween Tenth and
Brown, William, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Market and Sixth
Brown, John, musician , resresidence 54 nnorth Sixth
Brown, John, baker , 75 Olive
Brown, James, miller , resresidence corcorner Gratiot and Fifth
Browneck, J., vinegar manufacturer , 268ssouth Third
Brownell, Isaac W., commission merchant , 22 Front, residence
Planters’ House
Brownlee & Homer , wholesale dry goods merchants, 47 nnorth First
Erownlee, John A., [B. & H.] resresidence 46 nnorth First
Brua, George B., corcorner Market and Seventh
Bruce, John, carpenter , resresidence 162ssouth Fourth
Bruce, Josiah, carpenter , resresidence 162ssouth Fourth
Brucker, Joseph, baker , corcorner Second and Poplar
BrMckman, Frank, tailor , 103ssouth Third
Bruggerhof, F. W., clerk , 167 nnorth Third, resresidence Green betbetween Second
and Third