The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Bushey, George, carpenter and measurer of buildings , cor Wash
and Tenth
Bustkauper, Henry, boatman , 151 Franklin avavenue
Buskin, Antoine, laborer , 210 nnorth Second
Bussard, M. M., [C. W. & Co.] Olive b Twelfth and Thirteenth
Bussen, Harmann, shoe maker , Soulard near Rosatti
Bussen, Tader, Soulard near Rosatti
Bussey, Henry, carpenter , corcorner of Gay and Fourteenth
Bustlar, John, cooper , Second near Jackson
Bustlar, Elizabeth, widow, corcorner of Jackson and Marion
Butcher, John, cabinet maker , 232 and 234 Cerré
Buten, Henry, tailor , Biddle near Ninth
Butler, M. S., dry goods merchant , 276 Broadway, resresidence corcorner of
Collins and O’Fallon
Butler, S. O., merchant , 11 Commercial, resresidence Sixth betbetween Wash
and Carr
Butler, Charles J., [McC. & B.] Fourth betbetween Olive and Locust
Butler, Richard, carpenter , res Carr near Sixteenth
Butler, Mann, Justice of the Peace, 25 Pine, resresidence corcorner Gratiot
and Fourth
Butler, J. C., clerk , 168½ nnorth First
Butler, John, “Mechanics’ Hall,” betbetween First and Biddle
Butler, Clara, widow, 243 Morgan
Butler, Charles, commission merchant , Second near Biddle
Butler, S. A., 228 nnorth Sixth
Butler, A. C, 124 Elm
Butler, Charles, 122 nnorth Fourth
Butner, Nicholas, miller , Park Mill
Butt, Henry, engineer , res Carr near Seventeenth
Butterwich, Frederick, carpenter , Clark avavenue near Buel
Butterworth, James, “Broadway Hotel,” 257 Broadway
Buxton, Joseph, wire worker , 12 nnorth First, resresidence Ham near Hickory
Buys, George, moulder , Empire Stove Works
Byrdon, John, laborer , resresidence 344 nnorth Eighth
Byrne, William, boatman , resresidence 171 nnorth Second
ByrneJohn, jr., real estate agent , 92 Chesnut, resresidence 303ssouth Fifth
Byrne, Gregory, harbor master , 31 Front, resresidence 100 Collins
Byrne, John, baker , 162 nnorth Eighth
Byrnes, James, quarry man , corcorner Mullanphy and Ninth
Byron, R. J., “Byron House,” 18 Vine
Cabanne, Rasin & Co.Company , commission merchants, corcorner Pine and
Cabanne, Julius L., [C. R. & Co.] resresidence corcorner Broadway and Florida
Cabanne, Julia, widow, resresidence 18ssouth Sixth
Cable, George W., s b captain , resresidence corcorner Fourteenth and Franklin