The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Carr & Rogers , lumber merchants, cor Wash and Front
Carr, Thomas L., [C. & M.] resresidence Ham near Chouteau avavenue
Carr, George, 159 nnorth Eighth
Carr, James, 198 nnorth Sixth
Carr, Hon. William C., n side Franklin avavenue , wwest of city limits
Carr, Arthur, machinist , corcorner Ninth and Mound
Carr, Levi T., [H. B. & Co.] 162 Market
Carr, Walter C., [C. & C.] corcorner Chesnut and Seventh
Carr, Lucien, clerk , 16 Chesnut
Carrigan, James, carpenter , resresidence 50 nnorth Sixth
Carrol, J. C. C., attorney , 52 Morgan
Carroll, William, Catholic bookstore , corcorner Ninth and Green
Carroll, John M., clerk , Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Carroll, William, soda manufacturer E. Lester’s
Carroll, James, resresidence St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Carroll, William H., carpenter , resresidence Chesnut betbetween Twelfth and
Carroll, Andrew, upholsterer , 166 Green
Carroll, Francis, plasterer , Spring near Tenth
Carroll, John F., caulker , resresidence Florida near First
Carroll, Charles C., attorney , 13 Chesnut, resresidence Chesnut between
Seventh and Eighth
Carroll, James, tailor , 4 Morgan
Carroll, Matthew, Little’s Soda Factory , Third corcorner Convent
and Hazel
Carroll, Marietta, boy’s clothing store , 61 nnorth Third
Carson, John B., [V. & C.] resresidence Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Carson, William, grocer , 168 Carr
Carson, Henry, resresidence 231 Green
Carson, James, clerk , resresidence Broadway wwest Chambers
Carson, John W., auctioneer Upper Ferry , resresidence Main near Flor-
Carson, William, clerk , resresidence Walton House
Cartan, David, lumber merchant , opposite 299 nnorth First
Carter, Robert, harness maker , 252ssouth Second
Carter, John E., resresidence 150 Pine
Carter, Walter R., agent Louisville Insurance Company , 68
nnorth Front, resresidence 42ssouth Fifth
Carter, M., dressmaker , 115 Market
Carter, John, carpenter , resresidence Clark avavenue betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Carter, J. F., book keeper , 143 nnorth First
Carter, Harrison H., clerk 42 Front, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Carter, Ephraim, resresidence Howard near Broadway
Cartner, David, resresidence Stoddard avavenue betbetween Chouteau and Hickory
Carver, J. L., blacksmith , corcorner Spring and Tenth
Carver, Leroy, blacksmith , Tenth near Wright
Carver, William H., clerk , 268 nnorth First