The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Chapman, John E., stone mason , resresidence corcorner Gay and Fifteenth
Chapoton, A. B., salesman 32 nnorth First
Chapman & Lea ,warehouse, 281 nnorth First
Chapman, W. S., (C. & L.) resresidence 8 nnorth Fifth
Chapman, Edward H., resresidence corcorner Seventeenth and Washington avavenue
Chapell, Wm.William L., residence 107 nnorth Seventh
Chapell, Wm.William C., residence 107 nnorth Seventh
Chapell, John T., residence 107 nnorth Seventh
Chapell, John, clerk , 134 nnorth Third
Charbes, Robert, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Hickory and Paul
Charles, R. M., resresidence Virginia Hotel
Charles, Joseph, painter , 30 Vine, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Charles, Edward, tailor , 72 Chesnut, resresidence 155 Walnut
Charles & Hammond , book and job printers, 80 nnorth First
Charles, Benjamin, (C. & H.) 80 nnorth First
Charless, Joseph, wholesale druggist , 37 and 39 nnorth First
Charleville, Louis, [c] butcher , Clark betbetween Fourteenth and Fif-
CharlevilleJohn B., jr., clerk 178 and 180 nnorth Third, resresidence City
Chase, Edward, clerk , 78 nnorth First, resresidence 192 Pine
Chase, Robert P., M. D. , 80 Chesnut, resresidence 62 nnorth Seventh
Chase, Elijah, moulder , resresidence 61 Elm
Chase, G. W., clerk 146 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner St. Charles and Fourth
Chase, William F., editor and attorney , 292 nnorth Sixth, office 49
Chase, —, clerk , 151 nnorth Fourth
Chauvin, Henry, 44 Gay
Chauvin, Joseph, painter , 169 nnorth Twelfth
Cheavens, John, carpenter , resresidence Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Cheeks, Henry, s b clerk , resresidence Eighth betbetween Market and Walnut
Cheeber, Joshua, resresidence Seventh below Elm
Chenié, Antoine L., clerk , surveyor gen.’s office , resresidence 173ssouth 4th
Chenié, Jules, 160 Carondelet avavenue
Chenot C. & F. , dry goods and grocery dealers, 2ssouth Front
Chenot, Charles, [C. & F. C.] 86ssouth Fifth
Chenot, Francis, [C. & F. C.] 131ssouth Third
Chenoweth, Alfred M., carpenter , 226 Carr
Cherrier, Luke, clerk , 26ssouth Front
Chesler, Valentine, drayman , resresidence alley betbetween Rutgers and Frank-
lin avavenue
Cheverling, George, cabinet maker , 71 nnorth Fifth
Chick, Andrew, laborer , Thirteenth near Carr
Chick, Richard, carpenter , resresidence Carroll betbetween Jackson and Caron-
delet avavenue
Chickering, William, dry goods merchant , 103 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner
Seventh and Walnut