The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Clough, Jesse R., carpenter , resresidence Stoddardssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Clouse, George, boatman , Second near Market
Clover, Henry A., attorney , 97 Chesnut
Clusack, Timothy, gardener , Ham betbetween Hickory and Chouteau avavenue
Clusky, Henry, laborer , 72 Poplar
Coade, William, pedler , 55 Olive
Coalter, John D., attorney , 8 nnorth Fifth
Cobb, Henry L., attorney , 105 Chesnut
Coburn, Thomas F., clerk , 157ssouth Fifth
Cochra, Marshal, [c.] ice cream saloon , 94ssouth Fourth
Cochran, Hugh, drayman , resresidence Ninth betbetween Gratiot and Cerré
Cochran, Samuel C., book keeper , Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Cochran, Stephen P., s b mate , resresidence Pine betbetween Thirteenth and
Cochran, James, steam saw mill , Chambers near First, resresidence
Jefferson near Tenth
Cochran, C. E., clerk , 150 nnorth Second
Cochran, John, carpenter , alley between Pine and Chesnut,
First and Second, resresidence 144 nnorth Third
Cochran, Hugh, shoemaker , 71 Olive
Cochran, Samuel C., accountant , 9 Commercial, resresidence Ninth
near Wash
Cocker, Charles, wagoner , res cor Wash and Fifteenth
Cockrill & Hawkins , furniture store, 83 nnorth Second
Cockrill, Christopher, (C. & H.) resresidence 83 nnorth Second
Cody, Henry, teamster , resresidence Franklin avavenue betbetween Seventeenth and
Cody, Richard, drayman , resresidence near City Hospital
Coghen, Patrick, carpenter , alley on Morgan betbetween Eighth and
Cogswell, O. H., trunk factory , 27 Locust, resresidence Second betbetween Carr
and Biddle
Cogswell, Oscar, trunk maker , 24 Locust, resresidence 5 nnorth Second
Cogswell, John, sash maker , 263 nnorth First
Cogswell, John, carpenter , 92 Biddle
Coguelet, John, laborer , resresidence Seventh nnorth Biddle
Cohen, Hyam H., clothier , 32 nnorth First, resresidence 59 Collins
Cohen, Wm.William, watchmaker , 37 nnorth Fourth, resresidence Centre near Market
Cohen, Thomas, jeweller , 37 nnorth Fourth
Cohen, Marks, clothing , 15½ nnorth First, resresidence Walton House
Cohen, Albert B., jeweller , 87 nnorth First
Cohen & Grinbaum , clothiers, 199 Broadway
Cohen, Joseph, [C. & G.] resresidence 199 Broadway
Cohn M. & H. , dry goods merchants, 102 Morgan
Cointad, Alexander, harness maker , corcorner Biddle and Jefferson
Colburn, Frederick M., cleak in Post Office
Cole, J. B., [K. & Co.] resresidence Broadway near Montgomery