The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Cole, Richard H., blacksmith , First near Smith
Cole, John, resresidence 160 Morgan
Cole, James, bricklayer , 197 nnorth Twelfth
Cole, William, stone cutter , 166 nnorth First
Cole, Nathan, clerk , 15 nnorth Front
Coleman, W. T., tailor , 27 Chesnut
Coleman, Stephen O., resresidence 41 Locust, up stairs
Coleman, Thomas, cordwainer , 19 Locust
Coleman, Bernard, 178 Morgan
Coleman, Nathan, pump and block maker , 271 nnorth First, resresidence 334
Coleman, William T., resresidence corcorner Second and Chesnut
Coles, Henry, carpenter , resresidence 209 nnorth Fourteenth
Colgan, Robert, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Third and Green
Colgin, Nicholas, chair maker , Second
Colgon, John, 131 nnorth Seventh
Coller & Sievers , tavern, 299ssouth First
Coller, Henry, [C. & S.] 299ssouth First
Coller, George, tobacconist , Morgan betbetween Third and Fourth
Collet, Oscar W., mustard factory , Seventh betbetween Gratiot and
Chouteau avavenue
Collier, Elizabeth, widow, corcorner Broadway and Monroe
Collier, Joseph, 79 Washington avavenue
Collier, L. A., 223 Green
Collier, B. F., (L. & C.) Planters’ House
Collier, Hudson, carpenter , resresidence 77ssouth Seventh
Collier, George, 157 nnorth Fourth
Collier, George, carpenter , resresidence Washington avavenue betbetween Eleventh
and Twelfth
Collier, William, saddler , 247 Broadway
Collind, Maurice, carpenter , Picot near Columbus
Collins, Charles, carpenter , resresidence 325 Broadway
Collins, James, foreman Mississippi Foundry, resresidence 53 Collins
Collins, Henry H., engineer , resresidence 124 Carr
Collins, Richard, waiter at Planters’ House, resresidence Gratiot betbetween
Fifth and Sixth
Collins, William, boatman , 161 Wash
Collins, John, laborer , corcorner Jackson and Victory
Collins, Charles, Broadway near Biddle
Collins, John, Jefferson near Tenth
Collins & Kellogg , wh dry goods merchants, 153 nnorth First
Collins, Morris, (C. & K.) 153 nnorth First
Collins, Richard, Little’s Soda Factory , resresidence alley betbetween Park
avavenue and Barry
Collins, ThomasLittle’s Soda Factory , resresidence alley betbetween Park
avavenue and Barry
Collins, Richard, captain , Seventh betbetween Park avavenue and Barry
Collins, John R., market master and weigher , resresidence Seventh betbetween
Park avavenue & Barry