The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Conradt P. & J. , tavern, 26ssouth Front
Conradt, Peter, [P. & J. C.] resresidence corcorner Myrtle and First
Conradt, G. F., barkeeper , Union Saloon
Conrath, Peter, wagon maker , resresidence Eighth betbetween Frankin avavenue and
Conron, Richard, laborer , resresidence Pine betbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth
Conroy, Michael, beer house , 83 Morgan
Consaul, David D., clerk , 48 Market, up stairs
Converse, George, rope maker , corcorner Biddle and Second
Conway, Samuel, resresidence Olive betbetween Tenth and Elev-
Conway, William, resresidence 127 Green
Conway, Joseph, deputy sheriff , resresidence Olive betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Conway, James, mason , resresidence 185 Spruce
Conway, Richard, [S. & Co.) resresidence 17 nnorth Second
Conway, Frederick R., surveyor General , 87 Chesnut, up stairs
Conzelman, Gottlieb, upholsterer , 64 Market, resresidence corcorner Fifth and
Cook, Robert W., architect , resresidence 121 Chesnut
Cook, P. H., laborer , corcorner Broadway and Columbia
Cook, John, wagon maker , resresidence Broadway near Monroe
Cook, George F., [R. & Co.] resresidence Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Cook, Moses C., M. D. , 54 nnorth First, resresidence 39 nnorth Sixth
Cook, William M., attorney , 147 nnorth Fourth
Cook, Robert, [H. C. & Co.] resresidence 39 nnorth Sixth
Cook, Michael, shoe store , 183 nnorth Sixth
Cook, Henry, butcher , resresidence Victory near Columbus
Cook, George, barkeeper , 245 nnorth First
Cook, William, cooper , resresidence Sidney near Jackson
Cook, William, laborer , resresidence Franklin avavenue betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Cook, Edward, family grocer , 138 Franklin avavenue
Cook, William, laborer , resresidence 127 Franklin avavenue
Cooley, Zenas, laborer , resresidence Eighth betbetween Wash and Carr
Martin C.Cooley, , [Livermore & C.] 27 Commercial
Coolidge, E. R., clerk , 14 Front
Coolidge, Curtis, resresidence 18ssouth Fourth
Coonce, Felix, blacksmith , Collins near Bates
Coon, George, shoemaker , 54ssouth Fifth
Coons, Charles, laborer , resresidence corcorner Carondelet and Lynch
Coons, Andrew J., M. D. , 34 Vine, resresidence corcorner Seventh and Locust
Coons & Gallagher , merchants, 1 Market
Coons, Mary, widow, resresidence 26ssouth Fourth
Coons, Edward, carpenter , boards 171 Walnut
Coons, ——, painter , resresidence 22ssouth Fifth
Coop, John, engineer , resresidence Marion betbetween Carondelet and Jackson
Coop, Edward, pilot , resresidence Jefferson near First
Cooper, Peter, carpenter , resresidence 219 Carr