The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Cox, William, hatter , 88 nnorth First
Cox, Thomas J., engineer , resresidence Biddle near Eighth
Cox, Thomas, Columbia near Broadway
Coxe, Henry S., resresidence Planters’ House
Coy, Thomas, carriage maker , resresidence Walton House
Coyle, Michael, drayman , 16 Morgan
Coyle, Michael, Christy avavenue betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Cozens, William F., (H. & C.) Morgan betw Twentieth and
Cozens, Wm.William H., (C. & C.) resresidence 33ssouth Seventh
Crabtree, Benjamin, resresidence 140 Carr
Craft, Joseph L., resresidence corcorner Fourteenth and Orange
Craft, Moses, printer , Reveille Office
Cragen, Christian, beer house , 174 nnorth Fourth
Craig & Hambleton , blacksmiths, 40 Cherry
Craig, Alexander, (C. & H.] resresidence 298 nnorth Seventh
Craig, George, resresidence 6 Cerré
Craig, George, blacksmith , resresidence alley on Washbetbetween Sixth and
Craig, J., furniture manufactory , 76 nnorth Second
Craim, Wm.William, architect , 18 nnorth Third
Cram, Joseph, resresidence Washington avavenue
Cram, J. D., (N. & Co.) resresidence 72 nnorth First
Cramer, Henry, plasterer , resresidence Thirteenth near Carr
Cramer, Casper, cooper , alley on Washbetbetween Fifth and Sixth
Crandell, Joseph, dry goods merchants , 162 nnorth Third
Crane, Daniel, carpenter , corcorner Walnut and Fifth
Crane, Benjamin F., watchmaker , 13 nnorth First, resresidence 160ssouth Fifth
Crane, Girard S., resresidence 168 Olive
Craning, Rudolph, family grocer , 13 nnorth Sixth
Crapster, Edwin W., clerk 156 nnorth Second, resresidence corcorner Sixth and
Crasby, Francis, (G. & Co.) resresidence 51 nnorth First
Crawford, M. H., clerk , 291 Broadway
Crawford, James, boatman , resresidence corcorner Sixth and Wash
Crawley, Silas W., bricklayer , resresidence Broadway near Monroe
Credy, Francis, carpenter , 95 Cedar
Cremore, John, farrier , resresidence 278 Market
Creppin, Bertrand, resresidence 60ssouth Second
Cress, R. L., Little’s Soda Factory , Carondelet near Miller
Crevier, Adam, baker , Spruce near pond
Crews, Henry, joiner , resresidence Florida near Eighth
Crickard, Bernard, stone cutter , corcorner Eleventh and Christy avavenue
Crily, John, carpenter , 179 Carondelet avavenue
Crittenden, Hiram, wh stationer , 135 nnorth First, resresidence Olive betbetween
Sixth and Seventh
Crittenden, William, resresidence Virginia Hotel