The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Fine, William, soda manufacturer , Columbus near Marion
Finan, Thomas, city sexton , 291ssouth Market
Finigan, Michael, laborer , corcorner Collins and O’Fallon
Fink, Martin, ship carpenter , Wash near Fifteenth
Fink, Frederick, laborer , Tenth near Biddle
Finkler, Alexander, soda factory , corcorner Jackson and Carroll
FinleyRobert S., Rev.Reverend , 18 nnorth Seventh
Finley, Alexander, carriage manufacturer , corcorner Locust and Fifth
resresidence 79 Washington avavenue
Finley, Hardin, drayman , 41 Poplar
Finn & Gorman , wh grocers and com. merch’tscommission merchants , 80 nnorth Front
Finn, Stephen. [F. & G.] Ninth betbetween Olive and Pine
Finn, Bartholomew, laborer , 197 nnorth Sixth
Finney J. & W. , boat store and com. mer.commission merchant , 84 nnorth Front
Finney, William, [J. & W. F.] 105 Washington avavenue
Finney, John[J. & W. F.] 105 Washington avavenue
Finney, Bernard, Spruce wwest of Thirteenth
Finnyfroc, Mitchell, carpenter , 59 Market
Fischer, Waldemar, grocer , 205ssouth Second
Fischer, Adolph, hat and cap manufacturer , 38ssouth Second
Fischer & Schad , confectioners, 96 Market
Fischer, Lawrence, [F. & S.] 96 Market
Fischer, Charles, shoemaker , Labadie betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Fischgaus, Joseph, brewer , Hickory betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Fish, John, white washer , Biddle near Ninth
Fishback, George, pilot , Olive betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Fisher, Robert, (F. & B.) Pine betbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Fisher & Bennett , booksellers and stationers, 98 nnorth First
Fisher & Gray , attorneys, 56 Pine
Fisher, Franklin, (F. & G.) 56 Pine
Fisher, William P., (K. & F.) Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Fisher, Henry, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Fisher, George, stone cutter , corcorner Marion and Jackson
Fisher, William, resresidence corcorner Locust and Second
Fisher, Jacob, laborer , resresidence rear 208 nnorth Twelfth
Fisher, Hans, cooper , 203 nnorth Thirteenth
Fisher, Francis, clerk , 36ssouth First
Fisher, Isaac, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Market and Sixth
Fisher, Michael, butcher , corcorner Victory and Jackson
Fisher, Francis, hotel , resresidence 10 Carondelet avavenue
Fisher, Antoine, carpenter , 97ssouth Third
Fisher, John P.Rev.Reverend , St. Mary’s Church, corcorner Third and Mul-
Fisher, James, boot and shoe dealer , corcorner Morgan and Seventh
Fisk, Thomas S., accountant , corcorner Second and Green, writing
teacher, 11 nnorth Fourth
Fisk, J. P., clerk , 101 nnorth First