The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Fisker, George, laborer , resresidence alley betbetween Barry and Miller
Fissort, C. M. Mrs., widow, resresidence alley betbetween Carroll and Soulard
Fitch, Stephen E., clerk , 8 nnorth First
Fitch, Charles B., produce dealer , 71 Pine
Fitchhuges, John, teamster , resresidence Wright near Broadway
Fithian, Thomas M., s b captain , resresidence 262 Morgan
Fithian, Samuel B., surgeon dentist , corcorner Washington avavenue and
Fithian, William R., resresidence Washbetbetween Ninth and Tenth
Fitz, C., furniture car , resresidence Menard near Park avavenue
Fitzgerald, Michael, draymanxt , 281 nnorth Eleventh
Fitzgerald, Edward, carpenter , resresidence Ham betbetween Hickory and Chou-
teau avavenue
Fitzgerald, Francis, carpenter , resresidence 334½ssouth Fifth
Fitzgerald, John, resresidence 127 Green
Fitzgerald, John, resresidence 157 Washington avavenue
Fitzgibbion, John H., daguerreotypist , corcorner Fourth and Market
Fitzpatrick, William, drayman , resresidence Fourteenth near Biddle
Fitzpatrick, Andrew, boatman , resresidence Seventh near O’Fallon
Fitzpatrick, Anthonyn, laborer , resresidence Ninth near Biddle
Fitzpatrick, John, drayman , resresidence corcorner First and O’Fallon
Fitzpatrick, Michael, bricklayer , 37 Gay
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, stone mason , 37 Gay
Fitzpatrick, Edward, dry goods merchant , 274 Broad way
Fitzpatrick, Michael P., clerk , 274 Broadway
Fitzsimmons, Philip, clerk , 268 Market
Fitzwilliams, Dennis, 131 nnorth Seventh
Flack, Thomas, baker , 48ssouth Fifth
Flackmeyer, Henry, laborer , 179 Wash
Flackmeyer, Casper, laborer , Jackson near Emmet
Flagg, Edmund, attorney , 90 Chesnut
Flagger, Charles, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Flanagan, Dominie, soda factory , corcorner Fifth andssouth Second
Flanagan, William, contractor , corcorner Pine and Fifteenth
Flanagan, Peterxyn, guard at city work house
Flater, Isaac, clothing store , 21ssouth First
Fleak, John, carpenter , corcorner Broadway and Biddle
Fleak, A. D., boat builder , First near Florida, resresidence corcorner First and
Fleak, Morris, boat builder , corcorner First and Mullanphy
Fleck & Brother , grocers, Broadway near Labeaume
Fleck, Morris, [F. & B.] Broadway near Labeaume
Fleck, August, [F. & B.] Broadway near Labeaume
Fleder, Rasper, carpenter , Short betbetween Jackson and Carroll
Fleischauer, John, flour packer , Seventh near Rutger
Fleischman, Eliza K., widow, 9ssouth Sixth
Fleishood, Michael, laborer , Sidney near Jackson