The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Forbes, Thomas, resresidence 107 nnorth Tenth
Force, Thomas, carp. , resresidence Ham betbetween Hickory and Chouteau avavenue
Ford, John, (N. E. J. & Co.) resresidence Planters’ House
Ford, James, clerk , 176 nnorth Sixth
Ford, Charles, blacksmith , corcorner Second and Morgan
Foreman, Reibhart, lab’r , resresidence corcorner Lesperance and Carondeletav
Foresythe, Alcorn, carpenter , resresidence Montgomery near First
Forrester, William, clerk , Market betbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Forrester, Cranson, bricklayer , resresidence Tenth near Biddle
Forrester, Thomas, cooper , resresidence Spruce near Thirteenth
Forster, Frederick, baker , resresidence corcorner Biddle and Twelfth
Fortman, Frederick, shoemaker , resresidence 111 Biddle
Fortman, Benjamin, cooper , resresidence Florida near First
Fortune, James, (H. & F.) resresidence 163 nnorth Third
Fortune, Moses, clerk , 165 nnorth Third
Fortz, Jacob, cooper , resresidence First near Florida
Foster, L. H., book keeper , 146 nnorth First, resresidence City Hotel
Foster, Eli, livery stable , 47 Green, resresidence 97 Wash
Foster, Joseph, architect , 162ssouth Fourth
Foster, Benjamin, resresidence 272 nnorth Sixth
Foster, William, carpenter , 102 Green
Foster, Joseph, carpenter , corcorner Fourth and Spruce
Foster, David W., clerk , resresidence 61 nnorth Seventh
Foster, Thomas, s b mate , resresidence 353 Morgan
Foster, Anthony M., bricklayer , 208 nnorth Eleventh
Foster, Robert, mate , resresidence 148 Carr
Fought, William, laborer , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Foulks, Thomas, boatman , Clay near upper ferry
Foumandt, Bernard, tailor , Tenth oppopposite Walnut
Fountaine, Alici, milliner , 132 Morgan
Fountaine, Joseph, boarding house , 166 Morgan
Fountaine, Felix, DeKalb near Victory
Fowler, Robert, carpenter , corcorner Ashley and Second
Fowler, William, printer , 16 Chesnut
Fowler, Matthew, 26 Gay
Fox, James, bar tender , Merchants’ Exchange
Fox, James, corcorner Walnut and Ninth
Fox, Jesse, copper, tin and sheet iron manufacturer , Broadway
near Chambers
Fox & Wimer , painters, 75 nnorth Second
Fox, Andrew, [F. & W.] 75 nnorth Second
Fox, John, saddler , Delta House
Fox, Andrew, portrait painter , 55 Olive
Fox, Thomas, Fulton Brewery
Fox, Patric, carpenters , corcorner Twelfth and Austin
Fox, Michael, carpenters , corcorner Twelfth and Austin
Fox, William, carpenter , Randolph wwest of Twelfth