The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Gaither, Beal, (M. & G.) Missouri Hotel
Gaither, E. H., liquor dealer , corcorner Morgan and Front
Galbraith, Robert, corcorner Market and Sixth
Galbreth, Samuel, boarding house , upper ferry
Gale, Amos, clerk , 22 Commercial
Gale, D. Oscar, clerk , 14 nnorth Third
Gale, Daniel B., (G. & G.) Washington avavenue betbetween 4th and 5th
Gallagher, Hugh, (C. & G.) 14th near Clark avavenue
Gallagher, John, tailor and dyer , 14 nnorth Third
Gallagher, Michael, laborer , 195 nnorth Seventh
Gallagher, Martin, boatman , 166 Washington avavenue
Gallaway, Mitchell, blacksmith , Jackson near Papin
Gallaway, John, tailor , 46 Olive
Gallion, Jesse, painter , 316 Morgan
Gallespie, A. C., (S. & G.) Benton near Ninth
Galver, John F. W., dry goods merchant , 7 Franklin avavenue
Galvin, Dennis, soap and candle factory , corcorner 7th and Gratiot
Gamage, Armstrong, mate , Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Gamble, Archibald, judge of the county court , 35ssouth 4th
Gamble, James, carpenter , 219 nnorth Twelfth
Gamble & Bates , attorneys, 67 Pine
Gamble, Hamilton R., (G. & B.) 10 nnorth 5th
Gangudh, Adam, blacksmith , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Hickory
Gannett, George A., clerk in quarter master’s office , resresidence Eighth
betbetween Market and Walnut
Ganning, John, Christy avavenue betbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Ganong, Joseph W., carpenter , Stoddard near Hickory
Gantié, Theodore, clothier , 7 nnorth First
Gantner, James, carpenter , 179 nnorth Eighth
Gantt, Thomas T., attorney , corcorner Chesnut and Third, resresidence Chouteau
avavenue betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Gardner, Abraham M., attorney , 33 Pine
Gardner, S. H., attorney , 33 Pine
Gardner, John, bar keeper , 163 nnorth Third
Garesché, Ferdinand L.. clerk , 80 and 82 Front
Garesché A. J. P. & P. B. , attorneys, 56 Chesnut, resresidence 86 nnorth 5th
Garet, Mitchell, carpenter , 79 nnorth Third
Garity, John, Papin betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Garland, Hugh A., attorney , 42 Pine
Garlick, John, coffee house , 87 Almond
Garmann, J. S., saddler , 69 Cherry
Garneau, Joseph, baker , 21 Commercial, resresidence 173 Washington avavenue
Garneau, Peter, blacksmith , cor Carr and Wash
Garneau, Sylvester, carpenter , corcorner Eleventh and Franklin avavenue
Garner, William, Virginia Hotel
Garnett, Leslie, carpenter , Olive betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Garnett, Jerome, carpenter , 95ssouth Third up stairs