The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Bacon, Edwin, resresidence Pine betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Bacon, Elizabeth, resresidence St. Charles betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Bacon, Williamteamster , Clark avavenue near centre
Bacon, Sherman J., (B. & H.) resresidence corcorner Seventh and Chesnut
Bacon & Hyde wholesale druggists 156 nnorth First
Bacon, Wm.William M., watch and clockmaker , resresidence 236 nnorth Eleventh
Bacon, Charles K., 68 Market up stairs
Badger, Samuel, clerk 92 Chesnut
Baear, Adam, cane manufacturer , cor Wash and Twelfth
Baeckla, Bernardresresidence 267 Eleventh
Baghaven, David T., resresidence 53 nnorth Fifth
Bagley, Willam, carpenter , resresidence corcorner Locust and Fourth.
Bail, Thomas, blacksmith , resresidence Chambers near Broadway
Bailey & Co.Company , candy manufacturers, 18 Chesnut
Bailey, Samuel H., (B & Co.,) resresidence 18 Chesnut
Bailey, James P., clerk at Theatre
Bailey, G. S., dry goods and grocer , 3ssouth Front
Bailey, Anna, Teacher , 102ssouth Fourth
Bailey, John, resresidence St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Bailey, J. L., resresidence 165 nnorth Fifth
Bailey, Robert B., pilot resresidence 165 nnorth Fifth
Bain, Thomas, residence 150 nnorth Eleventh
Baird, James T., finisher , resresidence alley betbetween 6th & 7th, Franklin avavenue
and Wash,
Baisell, Bernard, shoemaker , 292ssouth Fifth
Baker Henry & Co.Company , comcommission and forwdgforwarding merchts, 71 Commercial
Baker, Laken D., carpenter , resresidence 234 nnorth Eleventh
Baker, Charles, miller , at James Hendricks
Baker, A C., [P & B] resresidence City Hotel
Baker John [B., H & Co.] resresidence corcorner 4th and St Charles
Baker, Conrad[B & B] corner Broadway and Palm
Baker, Ralph, clerk , 23½ nnorth Second
Baker, Peter, resresidence alley, betbetween Soulard and Carroll
Baker, Fredrick, shoemaker , alley betbetween Soulard and Carondelet avavenue
Baker, George, carpenter , Menard betbetween Marion and Park avavenue
Baker, George, tailor , resresidence 115 Gay
Baker, Henry, drayman , Buel betbetween Carroll and Morrison
Baker, Joseph, laborer , resresidence rear 191 Mulberry
Baker, Ralph, clerk , 141 Franklin avenue
Baker, Karl, beer house , 189 nnorth Fourth
Baker, George, milkman , resresidence corner Lami and Columbus
Baker, Joseph, hair cutter , 125 nnorth Fourth, resresidence 219 nnorth Seventh
Baker, Theodore, engineer , resresidence 158 Park avavenue
Baker, L H., M D. , resresidence 66 St Charles
Baker, Frederick, cupper , resresidence Morgan betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Baker, Charles, pilot , resresidence 149 nnorth Seventh
Baker, L D., builder , resresidence Ninth betbetween Morgan and Green