The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Gerdemann, Henry, tavern , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Seventeenth
Gerdleman, Ernst, watchman , Biddle near Eleventh
Gerhart, Julius, barber , 90 Green
Gerlagh, John, tailor , 97 nnorth Third
Germon, John S., printer , 16 Chesnut
Gerome & Co.Company , Exchange Coffee House, 51 nnorth 1st
Gerome, Moses, (G. & Co.) 51 nnorth 1st
Gerstenmire, Nicholas, corcorner Rutger and Seventh
Geter, Lloyd, carpenter , Ashley near Broadway
Geter, William S., carpenter , Ashley near Broadway
Getteke, Dedrick, 207 nnorth Twelfth
Getzendanner & Madison , boot and shoe manufact’rs, 5 nnorth 4th
Getzendanner, George S., (G. & M.) 5 nnorth 4th
Getzendanner, Salathiel, Fourth Street House, 17 nnorth 4th
Geyer & Dayton , attorneys, 48 nnorth Second
Geyer, Henry S., (G. & D.) 41 nnorth 4th
Geyer, J., shoe maker , Seventh betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Gezzi, D., importer of cigars , 104 nnorth 4th
Gharr, Joseph, porter , 140 nnorth 1st, resresidence corcorner St. Charles and 7th
Gheen, Hugh, 58ssouth Seventh
Gibbs, Francis, 85ssouth Third
Gibeau, Joseph, laborer , 172ssouth Third
Gibson, Charles, attorney , 67 Pine
Gibson, John B., carpenter , Third betbetween Olive and Locust
Gibson, William, M. D. , 166ssouth Third
Gibson, William, 237 Green
Gichward, J. A., tailor , 29 nnorth Fourth
Gient, William, teamster , Fourteenth near Spruce
Gierman, Peter, wagon maker , 62 Spruce
Giers, Charles, clerk , 125 nnorth First
Giese, Herman, bar keeper , 103 nnorth Front
Gieselmann, Williamboatman , 192 nnorth Twelfth
Giessaet, George, (K. & G.) 54 Cedar
Gigaire, John B., corcorner Labeaume and Ninth
Gilbraith & Ferguson , grocers and tea dealers, 30ssouth First
Gilbraith, James, [G. & F.) 30ssouth First
Gildehaus, Christian R. H., [W. & G.] corcorner Market and 17th
Giles, Francis, furniture car , Pine betbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth
Giles, William P., veterinary surgeon , 152 Franklin avavenue
Gilespie, James, St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Gilfoy, Patrick, laborer , 66 Myrtle
Gilhaose, Henry, laborer , Sixth betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Gilhouse, G. H., cigar maker , 79ssouth First, resresidence 9 Spruce
Gilhouse, Anthony, cartman , resresidence Stoddard near Chouteau avavenue
Gilkerson, John, s b steward , 324 nnorth Seventh
Gill, Charles J., clerk , 122 nnorth First
Gill, George H., clerk , 62 nnorth 1st, resresidence Washington avavenue near Ninth
Gill, John J., stove dealer , 237 Broadway, resresidence corcorner Sixth and Carr