The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Grebbe, George, carpenter , 283 nnorth Ninth
Grechl, John, laborer , 163ssouth Second
Gredy, George, glove maker , Broadway near Palm
Greeley, James M., clerk , resresidence Planters’ House
Greeley & Gale , grocers and com.commission merchants, 14 Front
Greeley, Carlos S., [G. & G.] corcorner Seventh and Chesnut
Green, Mrs. Emma, school teacher , Sixth near Biddle
Green, William B., clerk , 57 Front
Green, Stephen R., packer , 147 nnorth First
Green, Charles S., clerk , 190 nnorth First
Green & Devricks , drapers and tailors, 80 nnorth Second
Green, Jonathan, [G. & D.] corcorner Green and Second
Green, William, clerk , Labeaume near Ninth
Green, Theodore P., attorney , 73 Pine
Green, Isaac T., lumber dealer , corcorner Collins and Biddle
Green, A. N., tinner , 35 Franklin avavenue
Green, William, Orange near Fourteenth
Green, Dudly, corcorner Orange and Twelfth
Green, James, boatman , corcorner Twelfth and Green
Green, William, laborer , Wash near Eleventh
GreenOliver, jr., [S. & G.] Market near Fifteenth
Green, James, Eighth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Green, Philip, 153 Green
Green, H. L., boarding house , 111 Franklin avavenue
Green, Cyrus, clerk , 189 nnorth Seventh
Green & Co.Company , express line, corcorner Market and Front
Greene, William M., port warden , Sixteenthssouth of Market
Greenbaum, A., clothing store , Broadway near Morgan
Greenleaf, Eugene, architect and builder , 336 Morgan
Greenough, B. F., chemical oil manufacturer , 61 Market
Greer, George, bricklayer , Ninth near Benton
Grefenkamp, J. H., bar keeper , corcorner Orchard and Benton
Gregory, Patrick, plasterer , Orange betbetween Sixteenth and Seven-
Gregory, Joshua, 115 nnorth Eighth
Greider, Conrad, laborer , corcorner Ashley and Lewis
Greig, Leonard, scale maker , 235 Morgan
Gresser, John, butcher , Easton betbetween Victory and Barton
Greve, John F., [M. & G.] 130 nnorth Third
Grierson, John C., commission merchant , 21 nnorth Front
Grieshaber, Conrad, tailor , 548 nnorth Second
Griffith, Archibald, drayman , 230ssouth Third
Griffith, John, Morgan near Seventeenth
Griffith, John, St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Griffith, Thomas, s b captain , corcorner Morgan and Sixth
Griffith, James F., book keeper , resresidence Virginia Hotel
Grigg, John, boarding house , 129 Green