The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Baker, Thomas, engineer , resresidence 244 nnorth Fifth
Bakman, John, laborer , resresidence corcorner Tenth and La Fayette
Baldwin, Caleb W., silver plater , 57 Washington av.avenue , resresidence St
Charles, betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Baldwin, Richard, resresidence 212 Green
Baldwin & Welters , proprietors “Delta House,” 184 and 186
nnorth First
Baldwin, J M., [B & W] resresidence Delta House
Baldwin, John H., Virginia Hotel
Baldwin, Henry, book keeper , 151 nnorth First, resresidence 174 Olive
Baldwin, John, pilot , resresidence Collins near O’Fallon
Baldwin, S., (B & Co.) manufacturers cotton batting and steam
boat caulking , 151 nnorth First
Baldwin, Smith, (B. & Co.,) resresidence 56 Morgan
Baley, Romanzo, (P. G. & Co.,) boards 141 and 143 Market
Balhenfer, Conrad, resresidence corcorner Lafayette and alley
Balki, Frederick, shoemaker , resresidence corcorner Ewelfth and Wash
Balki, Henry, shoemaker , resresidence corcorner Twelfth and Wash
Ball, John, mate , resresidence 155 nnorth Twelfth
Ball, Ira B.resresidence 161 nnorth Seventh
Ball, Spencer, captain , resresidence Orange betbetween Twelfth and Fourteenth
Ballance, Joseph M., tailor , Hickory betbetween 8th and Paul
Ballard, Mary, boarding house 136 Market
Ballo, Bominico, musician , Plum betbetween Frst and Second
Balmer & Weber , music store, 141 Market
Balmer, Charles, (B. & W.) resresidence 160ssouth Fourth
Balston, John, laborer , 244 Franklin avavenue
Baltiger, Adolph, German Evangelical , resresidence 168 Carondelet avavenue
Baltr, Jacob, butcher , Victory betbetween Columbia and Jackson
Baltr, William, butcher , Victory betbetween Columbia and Jackson
Baltr, Philip, butcher , corcorner of Victory and Jackson
Baltz, John T., cap maker , 204ssouth Fifth
Bame, Godfrey, shoemaker 201ssouth Second
Bank Missouri State , 143 nnorth First
Banker, William, carpenter , resresidence Ashley near Collins
Bansmeyer, Herold, brickmaker resresidence Tenth near Wright
Barbour, Sextus, [S. M. & Co.,] resresidence corcorner Ninth and Locust
Barber, Wm B., pork packer , 83 nnorth First
Barbour, Thomas, M. D. , corcorner 9th and Locust
Barbuten, Jacob, grocer , Broadway near Hempstead
Barcha, Peter, tavern keeper , 102 nnorth Fourth
Barchert, John S., merchant , 243ssouth Market
Barclay, Joseph, bill poster , resresidence 65 Olive
Barenthole, Henry, clerk , 218 Broadway
Barke, Herman, tailor , Carrbetbetween Eighth and Ninth
Barker, Francis, shoe maker , 63 Franklin avavenue
Barker, William, blacksmith , 189 Franklin avavenue