The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Hausenick, Henry, butcher , 121ssouth First
Haven, Charles H., attorney , 13 Chesnut, resresidence Fourteenth near
Franklin avavenue
Haven, James H., chemist , 80 Chesnut
Haven & Buck , stove dealers, 209 nnorth First
Haven, Otis, (H. & B.) Missouri Hotel
Havens, J. C., (P. & H.) 150 Collins
Havens, Washington H., clerk , 48 Market
Havens, Joseph, corcorner Spruce and First
Haverty, John, clerk , 11 nnorth Fourth, resresidence Missouri Hotel
HawesJohn D., jr., (T. & H.) 14 Chesnut
Hawken J. & S. , gunsmiths, 33 Washington avavenue
Hawken, Samuel, (J. & S. H.) 156 nnorth Sixth
Hawken, Christopher, (T. & H.) 117 nnorth Second
Hawken, E., (C. & H.) 83 nnorth Second
Hawkes & Wallingford , patern makers, 53 nnorth Second
Hawkes, G. N., (H. & W.) 53 nnorth Second
HawksCicero S., Rev.Reverend , Bishop Christ’s Church, corcorner Olive and
Hawley, James M., clerk at Planters’ House
Hawley, Benjamin F., spice factory , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifteenth
and Sixteenth
Hayden, Elijah, 95ssouth Second
Hayen, Henry, (B. & H.) 203 Franklin avavenue
Hayes, Benjamin, editor of the Fountain , Monroe House
Hayes, George, butcher , 176 Wrash
Hayne, John, carpenter , at City Hospital
Hayne, John H., machinist , Marion betbetween Seventh and Second
Haynes, John, boatman , Mullanphy near Sugar Refinery
Hays C. & G. , provision dealers, under Commercial Saloon
Hayward, Albigence, Eighth near Pine
Haywood, Cornelius, clerk , 97 nnorth First, resresidence 222 nnorth Sixth
Hazard, Mrs. Eliza, widow, 241 Carr
Hazier, Pathea, laborer , Victory near Columbus
Hazlett, J., M. D. , 209 nnorth Fourth
Hazlett, Monroe, boatman , Clark avavenue betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Hea, John O., grocer , corcorner Franklin avavenue and Fifth
Heacock, Alfred, M. D. , office at Upper Ferry
Healy, Dennis B., family grocer , 200 Market
Heansler, John, clerk , 156 nnorth First
Heaphy, Matthew, grocer , 48 Front
Heath, Jesse W., clerk , 12ssouth Fifth
Heath, John, corcorner Locust and Eleventh
Heck, Casper, laborer , 202 nnorth Eighth
Hectome, Nicholas, shoemaker , Florida near Lewis
Hedges, Isaac A., machinist , 96 Myrtle
Hedges & Co.Company , manf’rs of corn shellers, alley betbetween Pine and
Chesnut, First and Second