The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Hidland, Henry, laborer , Fourteenth near Wash
Hielbrant, Joseph, carpenter , Sixth near Rutger
Hienrichs & Co.Company , tobacconists, 64 Chesnut
Hienrichs, Adolphus, [R. & Co.] corcorner Sixth and Wash
Hieser, John, carpenter , alley Franklin avavenue betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Higdon, John B., 11 Commercial alley, resresidence 74 Pine
Higgins, Peter, coffee house , 84 Green
Higgins, William, carpenter , Washington avavenue near Fifteenth
Higgins, John, carpenter , Ham near Hickory
Higgins, John, porter , 259 Broadway
Higgins, James, drayman , 259 Broadway
Higgins, James, laborer , 154ssouth Third
Hilbert, Gearhart, shoemaker , 68ssouth Third
Hildenbrandt, ——, [A. & E. H.] 20 nnorth First
Hildenbrandt, Adolphus, [A. & E. H.] 38ssouth Sixth
Hildenbrandt A. & E. , importers of hardware and cutlery, 20 nnorth [First
Hill, David B., Paul near Chouteau avavenue
Hill, Walter, brass finisher , Bank alley betbetween Pine and Olive
Hill & Lockwood , commission and boat store, 70 Front
Hill, James B., [H. & L.] Fourth betbetween Market and Walnut
Hill, William, painter , 20 Olive
Hill, Mrs. E. B., widow, seamstress , 63 Market
Hill, Britton A., [E. & H.] 13 Chesnut, resresidence corcorner Chesnut and
Hill, David W., student, corcorner Chesnut and Third
Hill, William, printer at Reveille , resresidence Randolph near Twelfth
Hill, John, laborer , Ninth near Market
Hill, Frederick M., variety store , 1ssouth Front, resresidence 69 Elm
Hill, Thomas, moulder , corcorner Third and Poplar
Hillier, James, tailor , Ninth betbetween Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Hillis, John, boatman , 142 Wash
Hillman, Richard, painter , Ham near Chouteau avavenue
Hills, Edward A., clerk , Morgan betbetween Seventeenth and Eigh-
Hilring, Stephen H., tailor , First near Florida
Hilsman, Henrick, beer house , Market near Thirteenth
Hilton, William S., bellows manufacturer , 251 nnorth Eleventh
Hind & Berry , painters, 67 Vine
Hindle, William, engineer , Mound near Eighth
Hinds, John, mate , 315 Morgan
Hineman, Joseph, boot and shoe maker , 132 Pine
Hinspeter, Albert, saddler , 37ssouth Second
Hiop, Henry, shoemaker , 384ssouth Fifth
Hire, Christian, laborer , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Duchouquette
Hire, Anthony, laborer , Rosatti near Soulard
Hirley, James V., M. D. , Second near Chesnut, resresidence 84 nnorth Fifth
Hirt, John, ship carpenter , Tenth near Spring