The St. Louis directory for 1848 /

EdwinEllis, ,
Corner of Second and Chensut Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Would respectfully call the attention of the public, and his
friends in general, to his assortment of superior Wines and
Liquors, Wooden and Willow Ware, superior Groceries, &c.,
&c., Fresh Teas, Coffees, Chocolate, Sugars, Molasses, Mustards,
Preserves, Pickles, Sauces and Ketchups, Luxuries, Bottled
Cordials, Fruits, Sundries, Wooden and Willow Ware.

He is prepared to supply boarding houses, hotels, steamboats,
and private families, with the above articles, as cheap
as they can be furnished by any other store in the city.