The St. Louis directory for 1848 /

JamesPhillips, ,
Apollo Hall,
39 Market Street, St. Louis,
Has constantly on hand and for sale, at his Music and Umbrella
Store, a complete catalogue of Vocal and Instrumental
Music. Also, a large and well selected assortment of Piano
Fortes, among which are Grow & Christopher’s, of New
York, and Hallet, Cumston & Allen’s, of Boston. These
manufacturers have received gold medals from the three last Fairs
in Boston and New York, for fine touch and good toned

[missing figure]

Musical Instruments
Musical Merchandise
Umbrellas, Parasols, Canes,
And every variety of
and Military Goods.

[missing figure]

Wrought, Shell and Buffalo Combs, of
new patterns; Work Boxes, Card Cases, Card
Receivers, Jewel Boxes, Jenny Lind Silver
Candlesticks, Silver Fruit Knives, Polka
Bells, Fans, elegant Dressing Cases, Odor
Cases, Head Ornaments, Purses, Trimmings,
&c. Dr. Ward’s Tooth Powder, of Boston;
Lubin’s and Roussel’s Perfumery, &c.

The above establishment is not connected with any other Music Store
in this city.

Remember, there is but One Apollo Hall—39 Market Street.