The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
First Church , corner of Fourth and St. Charles, Rev.Reverend A. Bullard.
Second, corner of Walnut and Fifth, Rev.Reverend W. S. Potts.
Third, Sixth between Franklin avenue and Wash, Rev. Reuben Post.
Central, corner of Eighth and Locust, Rev.Reverend Alexander Van Court.
Washington avenue, corner of Washington avenue and Eighth, Rev.Reverend
Mr. Townsend.
Mound, corner of Mound and Eighth, Rev.Reverend Mr. Dashiell.
Spruce street , corner of Spruce and Fourteenth.
First Associate Reformed , corner of Fifth and Locust.
Second Associate Reformed , corner of St. Charles and Sixth.
Covenanters, corner of Washington avenue and Broadway.