Green's St. Louis directory :
Books, Stationery and Paper.

Meech & Fitch ,
N.W. Corner Of Main Ano Chesnut Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,

Invite the attention of buyers to their large and new stock,
which they offer on liberal terms, at the lowest Eastern trade
prices, consisting in part of

Classical, English, French & German
Fancy and Staple Stationery,
American, English and French Foolscap, Letter, Commercial.
Packet and Folio Post


Blank Books on hand and made to order;
Superior Cap, Demy, Medium, Royal and Super Royal
Ledgers, JounuJi, Day Books, Invoiow, Cwh Booki, Court Beoordj.
Dockets, &o. &c.;
Cap, Demy And Medium
Memorandum Books;
Printing and Wrapping Paper;
Colored Medium, Tissue, Tea Amd Shoe Pape;
Copying Presses;
Books And Ink.

☞Call and examine our Stock and Prices, and we belieTe you
will find it to your interest to give us your orders.